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Feature: L’Officiel Shares Behind-The-Scenes Snapshots with Sandara Park ~ The “Charmer with her Contagious Smile and Charismatic Demeanour”

Behind-the-Scenes With Sandara Park

The 2NE1 member Sandara Park dazzles both on screen and off – watch as she works the camera in this behind-the-scenes video.

You’ve seen Dara hanging out with her feline friends, now we take you behind the scenes of L’Officiel Singapore’s exclusive photoshoot with the Korean superstar, who was every bit the charmer with her contagious smile and charismatic demeanour.

Follow L’Officiel Singapore on Instagram and visit L’ for more snippets of Dara’s shoot and keep a look out for her full spread in August’s print issue.

Photos: Official Previews of Sandara Park’s Edgy, Chic Cover and Spread for “L’Officiel Singapore” ~ “Oh! Dara!”

Previews are out on magzter for L’Officiel Singapore! We won’t be posting all the pictures, even though we’ve bought the magazine, until the physical magazines are out next week.. ❤

The photoshoot pictures are awesome, they really did an awesome job! The photos are a mix of feisty, edgy, bordering eccentric, but still fashionable, chic, and sexy! Dara proves that one can show the bare minimum of skin, and yet still be sexy.. ❤ I love it! Please watch out for more pics as soon as the magazines hit the stands! ❤

And oh by the way, they titled it “Oh! Dara” the same name as the blog, and IDK, it just tickled me.. XD

Issue description: K-pop hyperstar Sandara Park graces the cover of the August 2016 issue and leads the way in our celebration of Asia – from the region’s most provocative designers and architects to the coolest beauty wardrobes and travel destinations.



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Small Wonder: Given the rare chance, one discovers that under the veneer of South Korean star Sandara Park’s sugar, spice, and everything nice is a layer of sensitivity and seriousness.


Source: L’Officiel Singapore via Magzter

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Instagram: More Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Edgy Model Dara for L’Officiel Singapore

Can’t wait to see the shots from this photoshoot! I wonder if Dara had the short blonde wig for the entire shoot? Or just in some shots? XD13743287_1780097832202591_754519349_n

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Source: throublemaker

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Instagram: L’Officiel Singapore Teases with a Picture of “Purrfect” Dara for their August 2016 Issue

OMG and here’s the photoshoot that Dara did in Singapore! It was for L’Officiel magazine! ❤ She looks awesome!!!


Pure purrfection captured. Sandara Park coming your way soon! Look out for our August 2016 issue! @daraxxi @kenzo #kenzofw16 #sandarapark #daraxlofficielsg #2ne1
Photographer @joellowphotography
Stylist @joshuacheung


Source: @lofficielsingapore IG

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Teaser+InstaVid: L’Official Singapore Teases with Feisty, Edgy Sandara Park for their August 2016 Issue ~ “Purrfection Captured”

Teaser: Sandara Park Fronts August Issue

The K-Pop superstar of 2NE1 hangs out with a couple of feline friends, all while looking effortlessly chic.

Fashion chameleon Sandara Park has adopted many fashion styles throughout her career with 2NE1 (who can forget those abs she flashed during her performance with the group at the MNET Awards last year). Now, watch as she goes through a bold transformation from gamine songstress to sensual feline, alongside a charming harem of cats.

Keep a look out for more behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive spreads and interviews of Sandara throughout the weeks to come.

Credits: L’Officiel Singapore

Photos: 1605 HQ Pictures of Gorgeous, Dynamic Model Sandara Park for Philippines Fashion Magazine MEGA ~ “The State of Sandara Park”

Dara is in the cover of the Philippines Fashion Magazine, MEGA for their May 2016 issue! ❤

She looks a bit different here, since her make-up and hairstyle are a touch different from what we’re used to, but hey, still looking great! ❤ 

The magazine is out for sale already, that’s why we posted. ^^ Please do get a copy!

I love her interview.. Her humility just shines through, and I can totally imagine the scenario with her driver telling her it’s okay to go down and take a picture because she was amazed by the huge billboard with her face on it for Penshoppe.. ^_^ I love her passion for her craft, and how she molded herself into a stronger person after everything that she went through.. ^^ Enjoy!







Check out their article and interview after the cut!


Sources: Mega Magazine via @WeLoveDara and @2yeNE1

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Photo/Official: 1st Look Covers “MAMA in Hong Kong” ~ Featuring 2NE1’s Surprise Stage and Dara’s Magnificent Abs

Can’t wait to see more pics! ❤


They also featured this on their Instagram:

In #2015mama #2ne1#SandaraPark on stage-!! If you want to see more photos just look for #1stlookmagazineVol.102! And #HappyYooHeeyeol-!! 🙌
#Happynewyear 🙇🎊🌅
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Source: 1st Look

Translated by: officialwelovedara

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Instagram+Weibo: PR Director Dara Shares Outtakes from W Korea Photoshoot

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on



you can see more pics @wkorea november issue ^.^


@wkorea #givenchy #dara

More pics from her Weibo update after the cut.. ^^


Instagram: Photographer Lee Jaesung Shares an Outtake from Queen Dara’s “W Korea” Shoot in NY

Dara’s face is such a work of art, I cry.. T_T Look at her, looking like the regal queen that she is! ❤


@daraxxi #sandarapark#wkorea


Sources: jaesungphoto

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Official/Photos: Givenchy’s Muse Sandara Park Channels “Victorian Lady Meets Modern Woman Warrior” for “Elegant and Intense” W Korea Spread

OMG I LOVE THIS! ❤ I love how intense and bold it looks! Another side of Dara and she is rocking it! ^^ So different from the past photoshoots that she did this year, but I really like how fierce most pics look but how vulnerable and dramatic some of the others are.. ^^ Her styling here is totally bold and daring.. Not many celebrities will and can pull this off with as much aplomb as our Sandara Park! What’s your favorite picture? ^^

Givenchy’s Muse Sandara Park’s Elegant and Intense Moment: Sense and Sensibility

On September 11, set to the backdrop of the Hudson river in New York City, Givenchy unveiled its 2016 S/S collection. In attendance of the iconic show was Givenchy’s muse 2NE1’s Sandara Park. Shifting from the delicate and sensual Givenchy 2015 F/W collection, this features Victorian lady meets modern woman warrior for an elegant and intense moment!









Source: W Korea

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara