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Photos: Official Previews of Sandara Park’s Edgy, Chic Cover and Spread for “L’Officiel Singapore” ~ “Oh! Dara!”

Previews are out on magzter for L’Officiel Singapore! We won’t be posting all the pictures, even though we’ve bought the magazine, until the physical magazines are out next week.. โค

The photoshoot pictures are awesome, they really did an awesome job! The photos are a mix of feisty, edgy, bordering eccentric, but still fashionable, chic, and sexy! Dara proves that one can show the bare minimum of skin, and yet still be sexy.. โค I love it! Please watch out for more pics as soon as the magazines hit the stands! โค

And oh by the way, they titled it “Oh! Dara” the same name as the blog, and IDK, it just tickled me.. XD

Issue description: K-pop hyperstar Sandara Park graces the cover of the August 2016 issue and leads the way in our celebration of Asia – from the region’s most provocative designers and architects to the coolest beauty wardrobes and travel destinations.



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Small Wonder: Given the rare chance, one discovers that under the veneer of South Korean star Sandara Park’s sugar, spice, and everything nice is a layer of sensitivity and seriousness.


Source: L’Officiel Singapore via Magzter

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Instagram: More Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Edgy Model Dara for L’Officiel Singapore

Can’t wait to see the shots from this photoshoot! I wonder if Dara had the short blonde wig for the entire shoot? Or just in some shots? XD13743287_1780097832202591_754519349_n

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Instagram: Cat-Lover Dara Shares a Picture with Huge Dadungie~ “Dadung and I”

I’m not sure how recent this one is, but OMG look at Dadung! He’s gotten so big already! O_O Dara and her love for her cats.. โค


Dadung and Iย ๐Ÿ˜ฝ


Instagram: Sweet Dara Shares a Totally Adorable Photo with “Awesome-Cute” Cats she Met at Pagsanjan

Awww, this is so so so cute! โค Just think about it, Dara was so terrified by Dadoong, a domestic pet kitten, several years ago (like super terrified of him), but now she’s petting strange, stray cats that she just saw~! Dara conquered her fear of animals and embraced it, turning it into an act of genuine “sesame seed” sharing with how much she cares for them.. โค


Cute baby cats that I met in Pagsanjan Falls ย Also had a lot of fun swimming in the valley that morning (T/N: She probably meant the Hidden Valley in Pagsanjan) ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ I had to go and pat, pat these awesome-cuties, as they gathered around me. This place is really pretty and also full of love…


Source: daraxxi on Instagram

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Twitter/Instagram: Cute, Cat-Lover Dara Shares Polaroids of Oreo and Tweets a Cute Fanart of Dadoong, Oreo, and Bambi!

I’ve seen fans mentioning Dara about her own cats because she updated a couple of times about CL’s cutie kitties! Keke! And now here she is! โค Oreo is definitely so cute! And congratulationsย ย  for your fanart! Kekeke! โค


The Bambi Polaroid challenge. Her hair is too white that the flash reflects off it, creating this effect. Where are the nose and mouth~? Where~?! ^^;;; ย #bambi BqTTLL2CYAAm7is


Heol! This is something I like!!! >.<

And oh, Dara changed her DP on Instagram! A cute drawing of her.. โค



Source: @krungy21 +ย daraxxi

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