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GIF: Dara Going to NB Club for Big Bang’s “The Final” After Party

Many fan accounts were posted about Dara, together with other members of YG Family, going to Big Bang’s “The Final” After Party at Club NB yesterday night. Here is a GIF of Dara going to the after party…



Credit: As Tagged + 忘了少年維特的煩惱 via @darliciousx

Goodies: TVXQ and Super Junior Watching 2NE1’s Performance at SBS Gayo Daejun (Fancams)

Battling with myself if I should post this, but in the end decided to post. Keke! ^^ The guys looks so cute enjoying 2NE1’s performance. Yunho seems to know the lyrics very well as he was singing  along to the girls. Even clapping his hands to the rhythm. ^^

Super Junior on the other hand seems to be very focused in the performance. Siwon was like a CEO monitoring his artists. Kekeke~ And Eunhyuk seems to be having fun too! Look at them whispering to each other, while watching the girls, like a bunch of high school boys. Kekeke~ ^^

Credits: maxyuchu + maxyuchu

Info/Cap: 2012 2NE1 Global Tour Live DVD (New Evolution in Seoul) Release Date

Woot! The New Evolution DVD is here! This time, the DVD contains the solo performances of the girls, unlike in the New Evolution Live CD. This DVD will be released on Januar y 16, 2013. I’m sure this DVD is a must-have for Blackjacks, especially those who didn’t get to see the girls in their NE tour! I sure do want one! T_T


Source: YGEshop

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Goodies: Sexy, Adorable, Gorgeous Dara at SBS KPOP Concert (GIFs)

Kyaaaaaaaaah!! These GIFs are just too precious not to be shared, I had to post them! Smexy, fierce, adorable, and cute Dara GIFs!!! <333


Goodies: GIFs of Sexy Ssantokki!





Source: Dc2ne1 Gallery

Goodies: Seriously Awesome Dara Fan-Arts

Now! Don’t we all just wish these fan-arts were real? ^_^



Credit: @princesscc01

GIF: Hot and Sexy Dara!

Fan-Arts: Awesome Dara Edits by @princesscc01_


GIFs: Cute 2NE1 at the 50th Anniversary of Dongbu Insurance

Credit: @NOKIOV

Memory Lane: More Photos of Cute Baby Dara

Source: Naver Blog