Comments on: "Fan-Arts: Awesome Dara Edits by @princesscc01_" (32)

  1. i like the 3rd and the last one 🙂 hehe

  2. my eyes fell on that first pic 0.0

  3. i really really really love these pictures…esp the fourth one….and the first…now only dara needs this body..i mean right now she’s fit…but if she was as bagel girl..with that perfect face and adorable personality..oh man…she’d be the ‘it’ girl.

  4. I can’t breathe

    • awkward610 said:

      Noooo…you change your picture*or whatever people called it. Avatar? dp?*
      But..but i love that picture. I want it. Give me that picture if you don’t want it. First you change his hair color then you change the picture. I’m gonna miss it.:-((

      *ps: might sound weird but other than dara i also love anime and that picture really caught my eye instead of the comments* weird…..

      • awkward610 said:

        Oh God! Please take it as a joke…i’m not really thinking. It your right after all. * I really hope i can delete my comments * delete delete

  5. She can be Sweet, Calssy and Sexy ^^

  6. oh my goodness! O_O .. I thought it was reaL!!! Awsome fan-art! .. keep it up! ^^.. I love them all [especially the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pic.]… i really hope she sees this ^^, I wonder what her (dara) reaction will be.. kkkkkkk

  7. wow the last one is perfect 😀

  8. how come they have that kind of talent? hehehehe! fighting princesscc01~! your works are daebakkkk!

  9. marimar101 said:

    wow!sexy and seductive goddess dara…nice work of art,,thanks!

  10. vitadolcemoderato said:


  11. so cool. i like the 2nd pic the angel dara and the last one too XD

  12. i like the 2nd, 3rd and last one because the face and body seem to fit well.

  13. I personally, love the Angel-Dara~ ❤
    and the last one looks legit :))

    Awesome edits! clap clap clap

  14. Uhm… Maybe I’m a bit conservative but I find these fan-arts too showy?? Dunno, i’m just not comfortable looking at them.. Except for the last pic coz i find it cute.

  15. Although this might be made with good intentions, please bear in mind that these could, somehow, affect Dara’s image. Just my two cents.

  16. WOW! I love the 1st, 4th & the 5th picx 🙂

  17. Wow! Everything looks awesome! But i personally like the last pic:))) Would love to see Dara with that style^^

  18. DARA_daisuki said:

    i personally love the 4th pic. bcoz its more like 2ne1 style<333
    i imagine DARA's new solo cover pic.<333…ke ke ke

  19. My favorite is the last one! Seems legit! :)))

  20. yeah, i like it it’s very pretty i hope dara see this…

  21. maydelluna92 said:

    o my gosh! perfect,,seems real,,

  22. D-A-E-B-A-K!!!…i salute the people who did this wonderful editorial pictures..=)

  23. i hope dara would wear one of the pictures especially the first one or the last pics

  24. oh my god..dara really looks like an angel at the second pic so gorgeous !^_^ 1<3

  25. i really like the lasy picture
    like dara acting in drama

  26. gosh! how i wish Dara saw it in Tweeter….. =)

  27. wow look freaking gorgeous

  28. So so beautiful..Imagine Dara really doing these photoshoots…Kyaaaa…We’d probably die of happiness…kekekeke..XD

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