Now! Don’t we all just wish these fan-arts were real? ^_^



Credit: @princesscc01

Comments on: "Goodies: Seriously Awesome Dara Fan-Arts" (16)

  1. It would a lot cooler if it was Jaejoong and Yoochun with her…kekekekeke<3

  2. I love the pics, and i hope seohyun would not mind being replaced by dara…

  3. Aigooooo….they love ship her with everyone!!!LOL….Good Job @princesscc01!!!!!
    We should make an korean version of The Barchelorette!!!Dee + 25 bachelors=that would be interesting<3333lol

  4. OMG amazing!

  5. waaaaaa~ i want skinships with them for dara.

  6. WAH!!! if i didn’t read the title i will believe that this pictures were real, who made this?..DAEBAK! 1st picture was so convincing!~~~~~~~~~

  7. I was seriously freaking out when I saw Dara with TVXQ, and then I saw that it was just a fanart. It would’ve been worth the spazz.

  8. I want this to be real *__*

  9. i really like these 2 pictures s0000 amazing

  10. I thought the first pic was real… XD
    btw who is the girl on the 2nd pic?

  11. The one with TVXQ looks HOT.
    I wish Dara will have her fat cheeks again. I think it will bring out more of her youthfulness 🙂

    • i agree with u i mean dara is a bb face now but when she have a chubby cheeks she look more BB face and i think she look more amazing when she alittle bit big then now

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