Oh my Goddess Dara! With the photo she uploaded, we can have a closer look of her shaved head. Still so gorgeous!!! <333

On the photo, Dara revealed the genre of their new song! Did any of you guessed correctly? So how do you think the song would sound like? Let’s all wait for July 5! 4 days left! ^_^

투애니원 신곡 I love you 장르 정답 발표!!! 정답은~ “일렉트로팝” 입니다! 맞춰주신분들이 꽤 많아요!^_^ 이 장르의 의미는 여러분들이 곡을 듣고! 직접 판단해주세요~ 댓글에 트로트..라고 써주신분들도 꽤 많아서 찔끔!>.< 흠 그럼 스포는 여기까지..ㅎㅎ

Tags: 오늘 인기가요 티져 봤어요? 7월8일 알러뷰 첫방송! 닥본사~!!!

2NE1 single “I love you” genre reveal!!! Answer ~ “Electropop”! So many of you answered correctly! ^_^ Listen to the song for the significance of the genre! Comment directly ~ among the comments, a lot of you wrote “trot” too! Yikes! >.< hmmm well I’ll stop here. He he

Tags: Did you see the teaser on Inki today? July 8 I love you first broadcast! Goosebumps~!!!

Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translations by: Ygdragonheart @ DGH

Comments on: "Me2day: Gorgeous Dara Reveals the Genre of 2NE1’s New Song, “I Love You”" (5)

  1. Is the official m/v gonna be released on 12am july 5th korean time?? — cuz look In the pic it says Electro Pop 7/5 0AM ???

  2. I loled when I read the trot part 😀
    that’s so funny…

  3. egliukas said:

    Lion Dara^^

  4. kukay06 said:


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