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Multinational girl group Blush said, “If we ever perform in Korea again, we want to perform with 2NE1.”

Blush performed their first showcase at the ‘Five Star’ Club in Seoul on June 27.

Korean member Ji hae commented, “When we perform in the U.S., we can really feel the power of J-POP. We especially love 2NE1 and would love the opportunity to perform with them one day.”

When asked about performing in the U.S., Japanese member Natsuko commented, “We’ve done opening performances for Justin Beiber and Black Eyed Peas as well as in other parts of Asia. However, because we are all asian members, we plan to perform more in Asia.”

Chinese member Victoria commented, “Since our group is so diverse, I feel that we are different from other girl groups. Our personalities are also very different. If we ever perform in Korea, we will come back with a Korean album.”

Blush is made up of Korean member Jihye, Indian member Alisha, Japanese member Natsuko, Chinese member Victoria and Phillipine member Angeli. This group was made in 2010 through a show called “Project Lotus” where singer Yoon Do Hyun was a judge.

(A/N: Ommitted non-2NE1 related parts)


Source: KpopStarz
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