OMG guys!!! This is it!!! 2NE1’s comeback teaser!!! Plus a preview of “I Love You”! What do you think of the teaser? ^_^

Goddess Dara looking oh-so-fierce!!! <333

HEY! I love you every day~ don’t get away~ take me away~ I love you every day in every way Neol saranghae~ Why is it that you still don’t know my heart, And I still don’t know your heart~

We still aren’t too sure of the lyrics! But gahhh!!! They’re almost here!!!!

Credit: shu35151229@YouTube + @ilove2NE1girls for the translation!

Comments on: "Video: 120701 2NE1’s Comeback Teaser (Preview of “I Love You”) on SBS Inkigayo" (11)

  1. Ireally want to see tha vidio

  2. Blackjacks be ready!!

  3. I LOVE IT, its SO PERFECT SUMMER SONG!!! I can’t wait , i thing i will have a new Ringtone.

  4. OMG im screaming of HAPPINESS! wahaha! its not yet full, but IM SUPER LOVING IT.. at first I thought it will be melow music but its not.. kyah!!! their back with ELECTRO MUSIC.. i love it ❤ i wonder if they will be showing a full ALBUM or a mini album

  5. O ma gahhh! Súper excited!!!

    I just hope there is less of the roboty autotune-like voice…?? Im not sure the technical term for itXD
    Hopefully their voice will be showcased more..just like in I Don’t Care. Oh how i mías those days..lolol

    Regardless, I am confident i will love it either way. They aré just that awesome!! DABAEK!

  6. OMG!!!! Super love this! Can’t wait! :)))))

  7. egliukas said:

    when is YG releasing teasers? i want more!! i hope Dara will get fair share of lines this time >,<

  8. Woah! Can’t stop pushing the replay button…so love the song, sound,new evolution…dara your so preety i hope your hair is like that on your performance,gah! Spazz spazz spazz so cool!!!

  9. OMG!!!! I really can’t wait to hear the full ver *.*

  10. I need to hear a clearer and longer version. Kekeke. Love Dara’s pic. (^.^)v

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