source: dara’s me2day

dooddoong! finally yf audition is taking place!!! you’ve waited for a long time right? those who want to sing~those who want to join the yg family come on! when you go for the audition you have to be ggang~ have confidence and just have fun! dont be nervous and do it from your heart! what you show is the most critical! please come for the challenge! fighting!^.^ (Translated by: winggers@DGH)

alternate translations

du dong! (sound effect) yg audition opening!!! did you guys wait alot for this? if you want to sing~ or if you want to be yg familiy come one! ^.^ when you audtion you should enjoy yourself ! dont be nervous show us your talent, most important thing is the your willingness to do it ! everyone challenge yourself! fighing ^.^ (Translated by: 김아리@DGH)

Comments on: "Me2day: Come On! Join YG Audition!" (39)

  1. now this is what i love!!! lol.. i didn’t liked her bob like hair in mma cause its soo common and ga-in like but here!! waah.. she’s soo pretty with short and curled up hair with matching oversized polo shirt.. she looked like a gf who put on her bf’s shirt and headphones and took a photo with it!! waah.. she really really reminds me of kyoko(skip beat) here!! ^.^

  2. so lovely!!

  3. lorenadenise said:

    before,everyone said she looks like a 16 year old everyone will think and say she looks like a 12 year old girl.

  4. so pretty with short curly hair!! apple hair is cute but in my imagination w/o it will be more gorgeous & i really really wanna see it..TT hope that she update her me2 with this short curly hair plain <333

  5. I like her polo (or jacket?) it suits her, so classy and her hair, I’m so loving it. Curly hair gives her a funky and carefree aura.

  6. CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

    hey guys does anyone here rmbr when she was shooting for a magazine and she had to rush bcos she was going to a meeting? i think it was for a drama or something, and from what little i’ve read abt it, her role is that of a thief or a pickpocket .. when they chopped her hair, i didn’t suspect of anything specific but when i saw this pic,her looking sooo young than ever and now, that plaid boyfriend’s shirt… hmmm, i hope my intuition is correct.^^

  7. now i conclude DARA is not a human…

    GOd sent dara here on earth to make all the boys and girls go GAGA over her…

    she’s the living proof of the movie “benjamine button”..

    am i right??

  8. Green Mango said:

    Love the curly hair, the headphones and the borrowing from boyfriend`s closet style. Chrome Hearts plaid long sleeve shirt isn`t it? 😉

    • tangerine_24 said:

      are you thinking what I’m thinking? 😉 but to be safe I’d rather keep whatever I’m thinking to myself…hehehehe

  9. so smashingly gorgeous.
    I want to see unnie dancing something sexy because of her hair. LOL. Will it suits her, definitely yes. She’s so easy to love, no wonder I stayed loyal to her since she was still here in the Phil.

  10. Goddess D is the goddess of y0uthfulness and the envi0us of many…nyahahaha! and i’m one of them!L0l!

  11. Vampire D 🙂 I like her curly hair<33

  12. Butterfly… Short curly apple hair.. Ahaha…

  13. I am Soo loving this new style of hers..hopefull this will be for some sort of new project for Dara..
    there has been many lovecalls already I hope YG has finally made decisions which are the ones he approves! please YG! let her be in a drama next year!! I’m begging yoU! LOL!

  14. i’m liking her fashion sense more these days….on this update..i love the shirt…
    and on the previous day…where she wears a black furry jacket….and her polkadot inside shirt and acid washed jeans and her kicks.

  15. If I only have to face, the talent and the charisma and the total packaged you’ve all got Dara unnie, I’ll audition just to be with you!!! T______T

  16. weee. dara is so pretty , i was like “O. M. G.” on my screen. HAHAHA. ;))

  17. Lol, she looks so YOUNG!! OMG!!
    God.. she still looks super pretty with her apple hair !!!
    cute 🙂

  18. Awww my dara! She is the goddess of youth and eternal beauty! ^_^ I love that she still does her apple hair lol She really loves her apple hair ^_^

  19. LuVuDara_4evr_a_Parker said:

    My goodness!! So neat and fresh! Keke! She always had this youthful vibe… Her aura so vibrant, angelic…wat mor can i say?.. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATURE I’ve ever seen! Plus d attitude, Wapak! All in one na! Kya.. I hope one of our peepz will audition too..!! Kekeke… 🙂

  20. lao_phang_sandara_park said:

    Love you forever Dara ❤

  21. pretty FOREVER………

  22. she looks like song jihyo here lol
    in he previous me2day pic, she looked like Ha jiwon

  23. Dara looks soo mature.

  24. yesterday at Melon she looks 20..
    today she looks 13???!!!
    how is that possible?

  25. omg, soooooooo pretty!!! I really like it!

  26. waaahh…
    so cute
    and pretty
    and adorable
    and precious..
    i am once again…
    everyday looking out…for her looks..
    “ cute will dara look today?”<<<my thoughts are filled with this…
    looking forward to everyday…

  27. Oh Dara, I wis auditioning would be that easy, but I’m from NZ :\

  28. Oh, UNFAIR! How can she looks so young everyday? It seems she’s becoming younger day by day! Love the curly short hair!

  29. hello there cutie pie!!! so pretty!!

  30. omo unnie you are sooo nice!!!!!!

  31. mygosh! dara is sooo pretty! i think i like her short hair curled better 😀 soooo pretty!

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