2NE1 member, Sandara Park and her various hair styles has caught the attention of netizens once more.

On the 16th, Sandara Park updated her me2day with, “2NE1’s Dara is reborn as a sophisticated city girl! But where is the sexiness and hotness?” she said, “Instead became an elementary school student! On TV broadcasts, I usually wear make up, but I forgot that I usually don’t have make up on most of the time,” posted along with a picture of her in her new bob cut.

The photo shows Sandara Park, from her long hair, now turned into a bob haircut. In addition, she also asked if the short bob haircut style suited her, adding to her cuteness.

Ever since 2NE1 debuted, Sandara Park has alays had unique and interesting hair styles. In fact, these hair styles, particularly the palm tree hair style, became so popular that many variety shows have parodied them, making even ordinary people know about the poplar palm tree hair.

Sandara Park has popularized the palm tree hair, tenggu hair, apple hairstyle, byeomeori (the one with the braid in front thingie), and many other various hair styles. Every time Sandara Park changes hair styles, it immediately becomes a topic, which inspires a hot fever goes through for fans to try and imitate them.


Photo Source: Sandara Park’s Me2Day, YG Entertainment

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20101216n26765

Translated By: BlackjackBelle@OhDara.wordpress.com/ knucklepink@DaraGonHideout.com

Comments on: "News: Sandara Park’s Hair Transformation – Following the Popular Trend Setter" (21)

  1. oh..dara..
    ur my fanatic..adiktux in 2ne1
    please come herein philipines.. and concert..!
    i loveu all 2ne1 memberx..!
    love yah..krun-krung,dara,or sandy…! 😛

  2. definitely a trend setter!:) no one could ever ever ever ever!!..resist her charm! keke.

  3. a true trendsetter!!our dara..

  4. Dara who’s not afraid to experiment and go beyond everyone else’s expectations.. who loves to give us fans something to look forward to in every event.. a true trendsetter indeed… can’t wait to see more of her awesome hairstyles in the future!
    Love love Goddess D~ 🙂

  5. dara is trend LOL ^.^

  6. agree..the dara effect is at it again…
    with sandara…there is always something new served
    she is really adorable and cute…

  7. this is a pretty normal cut but she still makes news for it ^^ Dara really is a newsmaker because she;s a trendsetter, and she’s loved

  8. hmmm.. just wondering.. she mentioned city girl on her mitu.. and she cut her hair… i know the girls are busy with japan debut preparation but just remembered the CF she had with the flowers .. she went to a meeting and said that she got the role (not so sure if she really got it) of a pick pocketer…another point just to add is now shes visible on movie premieres.. to think she just can wtch movie without walking in the red carpet..

    this is the first thing that comes to mymind after reading her metu,.. hopefully well be seeing her in dramas soon…

    • May be she will be a cameo for “My black mindress”? You know, a drama which the cast is Yoon Eun Hye, Cha Ye Ryun, Park Han Byul (YG Ent.), Yoo In Na (YG Ent.). A drama talk about city girls. I’m just wondering LOL!!!!!
      Sorry for my poor English!

    • hopefully we’ll see her in drama this coming year..
      oh please oh please..

  9. .-Indeed!everythng 0n her is interesting..

  10. thank you belle first for the translations! need I say more? She is Sandara Park, anything about her is interesting!

  11. oh yeah! Dara unnie is really a trendsetter..idk if its just me because even though bob cut is popular to other artist also Dara unnie’s bob cut is the most eye catching for netizens and people.. heheh~

    hmm?? btw, just wanna ask..what’s tenggu hair?

  12. Awesome!! I dare anyone to challenge that and still looks pretty!! 🙂

  13. whatever she does, always be trend setter thats why yg called her an alien!!^^ dara can do impossible to possible!!real goddess<333

  14. LuVuDara_4evr_a_Parker said:

    The ‘DARA EFFECT’ ! 🙂

  15. A trendsetter indeed!

  16. That’s right. Our Dara is a trendsetter. ❤ ❤ ❤

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