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[NEWS] Various Articles on 2NE1’s All-Kill and Papa YG’s Marketing Strategy!

2NE1 Writes K-Pop History with Five Straight “All-Kills”

2NE1 has set a new record by becoming the first K-Pop artist in history to reach five straight “all-kill” singles. Their latest single, “Ugly,” released at midnight on July 28th, has topped various K-Pop music charts, making it the fifth consecutive single, after “Don’t Cry,” “Lonely,” “I Am The Best,” and “Hate You,” from 2NE1’s 2nd mini album to reach the feat.

The accomplishment is something rarely seen in today’s K-Pop, let alone the global music industry, that is seeing rapid turnover in hit single releases. But 2NE1, with their unique comeback-midnight release system, has consistently dominated the Korean music charts over the last four months, firmly cementing themselves as one of the top girl groups in the industry. By ensuring “every track of the album” is of title song quality, 2NE1 attracted fan interest to every single track of their new 2nd mini album, and by heavily investing in their music videos they were able to produce MVs for all five songs as well.

Another reason today’s record deserves more recognition is the fact that 2NE1 has tried out various musical styles throughout their career. From hip-hop and R&B to rock and ballad, 2NE1 has expressed themselves in different styles and has successfully appealed to global fans, making the “2NE1” brand a distinctive K-Pop icon that stands out from other girl groups. Their new track, “Ugly,” for example, has unique lyrics and chorus that’s uncommon from girl groups, and is based on rock sounds that make it extra special for 2NE1.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 will hold their first-ever solo concert, “NOLZA,” from Aug. 26th to 28th in Seoul. They are expected to make their Japanese debut in September as well.


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2NE1 is sitting pretty with an all-kill for “Ugly”

2NE1 makes another all-kill with “Ugly” on the various music charts for the fifth consecutive time, setting a new record.

On July 28th, 2NE1 revealed their mini album, while also having revealed their music video for their title track, “Ugly“. On the various real-time charts, the song placed number 1, sweeping the online music charts.

The midnight release of their single, ‘Ugly’, climbed to the top on a steep upward curve on all the online music charts. Recently, the OSTs for the entertainment program, ‘I Am a Singer‘, has been shaking up the music charts, but 2NE1 showed off their strong power by quickly taking over the music charts.

2NE1 is not only popular in Korea, but has become a global name. Already, through Youtube’s global SNS network, 2NE1’s videos has cumulatively gained a huge number of hits, securing a global fanbase.

This month, their agency, YG Entertainment, has joined together with avex in creating a new label as they will target Japan’s music market this fall.

On July 26th, ‘2NE1 TV LIVE: WORLDWIDE‘ also showed the first part of the chorus for “Ugly”, as the emotional melody describes of a hurt woman.

But 2NE1 is not planning to rest anytime soon as 2NE1 will hold its first concert, ‘NOLZA‘, from August 26th to the 28th.


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Yang Hyun Suk discusses 2NE1’s unique promotion style

On July 28th, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk sat down for an interview with Star News and shared his feelings on 2NE1’s “Ugly“ topping digital charts for the fifth time in a row. He also discussed the group’s unique promotion style.

Yang stated:

“Before, people used to buy albums and listen to all of the tracks included inside. Songs that weren’t the title track would gradually gain interest as time went on. However, the way consumers purchase music has changed in that it’s now centered around online and mobile sites. Even if artists release full albums, it’s usually only the title track that gets listened to.

You can’t change the way the world is moving, so I had to accept that, but I still wondered whether there was a way to let our fans listen to every song on an album. That is why 2NE1 is releasing five new songs over the course of several weeks.

It’s probably the same elsewhere, but YG Entertainment really spends a lot of time on every single song and music video. There wasn’t one unworthy song in 2NE1’s new mini-album, which is why every song is like a child to the members, to producer Teddy, and to me.

We came up with a new promotion style to make sure that each song was heard, and we’re very grateful that the fans are enjoying all five tracks. Including 2NE1, fans will be able to see the musicians of YG giving their best in singing and producing each and every one of their songs.”

Source + Photos: Star News via Nate

Me2Day: “I think I’m Ugly!”

Okay guys, I don’t really think that Dara “thinks” she’s ugly or something like that, keke! She’s promoting their new song, “UGLY” slated to come out on July 28th. Maybe this is part of the lyrics? Kekekeke! ^^ One thing’s for sure, if basing on the number of news articles coming out because of this update, Dara surely succeeded in making people anticipate the single. ^^

Update #1:

난… 왜 이렇게 못난걸까…

Why… Am I so ugly…

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Update #2:

“I think I’m Ugly!”

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Photos: BTS of “UGLY” MV Filming

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Me2day: Hate You and Ugly

Update #1: Hate You

굿모닝!!!!!!! 좋은하루 보내세요~!^.^ 글구 이제 슬슬 제목 익혀두도록 하세용~! 헤이츄~ 에에에에에에에~~~~~~~~

Update #2: Ugly

신곡과 친해지기!!!^_^제목들 재밌죠?!?울지말라고 햇다가 외롭다고햇다가 내가 제일 잘나간다 그랫다가 너 밉다 그랫다가 못생겻대요ㅋDon’t cry+Lonely+내가젤잘나가+Hate you+Ugly+Don’t stop the music!!!미니앨범 기대기대!!!+.+

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