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Instagram: Stylist Si Won Zu Posts Swag Polaroids of Hard-Working Dara for “Seoul Tour Guide Book”

So apparently this is for a tourist’s guide book in Seoul.. But for what country or nationality, I still don’t know.. XD I really really hope we get details soon! ❤


today work, making seoul tour guide book with @daraxxi


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Photos: 160306 VIP Sandara Park Spotted at Big Bang’s “MADE” Final in Seoul Concert, Day 2

Dara, as expected from our VIP.. ❤ She went to Big Bang’s “MADE” final concert in Seoul.. ❤ I wonder if she felt emotional when Big Bang made all those emotional comments on stage.. T_T Thank you and congratulations Big Bang, for the ten years in the industry! ❤ VIPs are proud of you and will be waiting forever.. ^^









Instagram: Sweet Dara Spends Time with her Friend, Robi Domingo ~ “welcome to Korea, Robi!”

Sweet Dara is always accommodating to her friends whenever they’re in Korea.. She’s busy as heck, but she makes sure that she is able to find time to spend with them whenever they go there.. It must be very nice and pretty awesome to be Dara’s friend, ne? ^^


Welcome to korea Robi!!! Hey~~ sexy lady!!! O!o!o!o! oppa Gangnam style!!! 🐴😆


🇰🇷🍝 😁


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Instagram: More Photos of Dara Out and About with New Friends in Korea

Dara meeting new people and making new friends! ❤ So happy for her! Kekekeke! ❤BzfWOMCCEAAEeJ4

:))) Happy Korea


@daraxxi nice to meet u !



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Photos/Official: YG Entertainment Uploads 2NE1’s “All Or Nothing” Concert Official Pictures

Finally, we have the official pics! ❤ Yay HD! ^_^ Click on the pictures to see them in their full sizes. ^^




Bh8n7tjCQAAdYK8 (1)

More pics after the cut!


Videos: 140302 More Fancams of 2NE1’s “All Or Nothing” Concert in Seoul, Day 2

Yay! Fancams of Ssancoustic Dara and our adorable girls’ talk segment! ❤

[FANCAM]20140302 2NE1 AON SEOUL COME BACK HOME(Guitar ver.)

140302 MENT

140302 MENT-2

Credits: CLover JP + frolicker21

Twitter: Happy Dara Arrives at Seoul from New York, Just in Time for Chuseok Celebrations ~ “Ssantoki’s Adventures, Success!”

Dara, Dara pretty Dara! Even in her hip-hop clothes, Dara still looks so so so pretty. T_T And your background! Whoa, jeans jeans and more jeans! XD




Arrived at Seoul!!! Ssantokki’s adventure was a great success!!! Now going home to be with my family ^_^ Everyone, please be together with your families and loved ones as well and have a happy Chuseok! ^.*


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Photos: 130802 Fantaken Pics of Pretty, Cute “Oreo” Dara at the Airport Back to Seoul from Jeju

Cute Oreo sweater! From Skittles to Oreo! ❤ Nom nom nom! XD I wonder how many food-related sweaters Dara has? ^^ And ack, doesn’t she look good in blue? Matches so well with her blonde hair. ^^ Her roots are starting to show already though. XD


BQpzgwACEAEJy11.jpg large

BQpYQcnCMAEK4gh.jpg large

BQpZPP6CIAAvBBE.jpg large

BQpa2gkCAAISk8Q.jpg large

BQpzWXvCIAEM5-i.jpg large


Video: Famcam of Comfortable, Chatting 2NE1 Arriving at Seoul from Ulsan

Our girls talking to each other and laughing together. ^^ Dara’s bright pink shirt amongst all the black. ^^

130727 2NE1 Arriving in Seoul from Ulsan

Credits: jjirong21

HQ Photos: New Evolution in Seoul DVD’s photobook

Weeee!! Here are some super high quality scan of the New Evolution in Seoul DVD photobook!

Enjoy and bask in their awesome gorgeousness~

(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・