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Cap/Info: 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” Hits Melon’s Roof Within 1 Hour of Release


Coz the #1 spot is 2NE1’s home sweet home!!! ^_^

As of 1:00AM KST, 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” just hit Melon’s roof! 


As of 1:00AMKST, 2NE1 is also charting as follows:

Naver #1
Bugs #2
Monkey3 #2
Soribada #3

As of 2:00AM KST:


#6 on Instiz Real Time iChart!


News: 2NE1 and Sagging Snail Hit Melon’s Roof Simultaneously; “I Love You” Hits the Roof for the 8th Time

Hitting the roof on one of Korea’s most popular music sites, MelOn, is no easy task, unless you’re 2NE1 and Sagging Snail!

2NE1 has hit the roof on MelOn’s real time charts multiple times since the release of their latest single, “I Love You“, displaying the immense popularity of the song as well as the group’s wide appeal.

What’s special about the latest real time chart is that not just one, but two groups have hit the roof simultaneously! This is something that hardly ever happens, especially at the same time. To determine real time chart positions, MelOn takes into account streaming (40%) and downloads (60%) every hour. Thus, not only does it depend on mass streaming, it also depends on how many are willing to purchase the song.

For MelOn’s real time chart at 8AM and 9AM KST, Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Juk (Sagging Snail) have claimed first place by hitting the roof alongside 2NE1 with their newest track, “Punk in the Corner“. Although Sagging Snail was currently in the lead at 8AM, 2NE1 has taken back the #1 spot at 9AM, leaving the competition neck and neck between one of the nation’s top girl groups and the nation’s favorite MC.

Congratulations to both!

As of 11:00AM KST, 2NE1 is holding on to their #1 spot because its their home sweet home.

To those who are curious, here is Sagging Snail by Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Juk:

Source: Allkpop

Screencaps: 2NE1’s “I Love You” Hits Melon’s Roof and Dominates Charts in Korea and Globally


This is what I am talking about! Within one hour from the release of “I Love You”, it hit Melon’s roof!!!

As of 1:21AM KST, 2NE1 is #1 in Melon, MNET, Olleh Music, Soribada, Bugs, Daum and Cyworld Music.  

It is also charted in the iTunes Electronic Charts in various countries worldwide: (Note: Listed ranking here is the highest they achieved in each country)

#2 in the Current iTunes Electronic Music Top 100 Chart

#1- Canada
#2 – Portugal
#2 – U.S.
#3 – Spain
#3 – Ireland
#3 – Dutch
#5 – Austria
#7 – U.K

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