Coz the #1 spot is 2NE1’s home sweet home!!! ^_^

As of 1:00AM KST, 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” just hit Melon’s roof! 


As of 1:00AMKST, 2NE1 is also charting as follows:

Naver #1
Bugs #2
Monkey3 #2
Soribada #3

As of 2:00AM KST:


#6 on Instiz Real Time iChart!


Comments on: "Cap/Info: 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” Hits Melon’s Roof Within 1 Hour of Release" (6)

  1. OH YEAH!!!~~

  2. step aside,step aside the queens are back…..

  3. AlohaDara said:

    What a great day we get to finally celebrate! and I love the song!

  4. i hope they do an all kill again!!!!

  5. Wow so proud of them..

  6. blaqjoon said:

    few more hours and they will spot all-kill <333333

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