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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “It’s A Beautiful Night~ I really Like DJ Younha-nim~”

Looks like Dara and the girls really enjoyed the radio show~ It indeed is a beautiful night, beautiful as you Dara~! Keke! ^^


DARA: Starry night~ >.< It’s a beautiful night~ I really like DJ Younha-nim ㅋㅋ Good night! ^.^


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: @saraseoul

Fan-Taken: 130729 2NE1 Arriving and Leaving MBC Starry Night Radio Show




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Photos: 130715 Fantaken Pics of Dazzling, Smiling Dara at “Cultwo Radio Show” Guesting

Our beautiful blonde goddess! ❤ Looking so fresh! And her smile just makes everything about her glow and shine even more and more ❤

BPMeuMaCYAAdQMb.jpg large

BPMlVa9CIAABQIv.jpg large

BPMbjClCUAAc2Lb.jpg large

More photos after the cut!


Photos: 130715 Fantaken Pics of Adorable, Bubbly 2NE1 at “Cultwo Radio Show” Guesting

Our cute girls! I miss them being on radio shows! I am so happy they are back and are being so active again. T_T 

BPMl703CAAA3NYV.jpg large

BPMc9o7CYAAWqKX.jpg large

How cute are Park Sisters/Double Park laughing together and just being their cute, 4D-8D selves? ^_^

BPMoTWXCMAEonso.jpg large

BPMlszrCAAAYJ_1.jpg large

BPMldtXCAAEzusZ.jpg large

And here’s their performance! ❤

BPMm_gOCQAAnBLW.jpg large




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