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Fancam: 130715 2NE1 Arriving at SBS for Power FM’s CulTwo Radio Show

Credits: @sungP00

Videos: 130715 2NE1 at CulTwo Radio (Full Show)

And here are the videos of the full radio show that our girls recorded today! Vids with english subs would be uploaded as soon as they are available. For now, let’s watch the girls having fun at the show. ^^

Credits: 채 톡

Photo: 130715 HD Fantaken Pic of Pretty, Glowing Dara at “Cultwo Radio Show” Guesting

Oh my freaking gosh! How could she look so simple, but so so so perfect and flawless? T_T Her glorious smile,with her pretty hair and glowing skin! ❤



Source: @ZPB21

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Twitter: Cultwo Radio Show Shares that 2NE1 is “Daebakk!”

Our girls being all perfect and awesome! ^^



2NE1~~ Daebakk


Source: @CULTWOcrazycow

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 130715 Fantaken Pics of Dazzling, Smiling Dara at “Cultwo Radio Show” Guesting

Our beautiful blonde goddess! ❤ Looking so fresh! And her smile just makes everything about her glow and shine even more and more ❤

BPMeuMaCYAAdQMb.jpg large

BPMlVa9CIAABQIv.jpg large

BPMbjClCUAAc2Lb.jpg large

More photos after the cut!


Photo: 130715 Fantaken Pic of 2NE1 Arriving at the Studio for “Cultwo Radio Show” Guesting

I think Bommie is still inside the van? Dara shines so much with her flowing skin and light hair, she’s literally blinding! ❤

BPMlIjMCYAA1XGM.jpg large


Source: @sungp00

Re-uploaded b: OhDara

Photos: 130715 Fantaken Pics of Brilliant BlonDara Arriving and Leaving for “Cultwo Radio Show”

Dara, Dara, bright, beautiful Dara! Her apple hairstyle never grows old, and looks so refreshing with her blonde hair! I love how her light hair contrasts with her starkly red outfit. ^^

BPMezTHCYAA6pxy.jpg large

BPMeodECIAAWL76.jpg large

BPMeVrdCIAEj6wk.jpg large



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 2NE1’s Fun Performance of “Falling In Love” for Cultwo Radio Show

2NE1 were guests at Cultwo Show today! They had what looked like a fun interview and performed as well! Here’s their performance of “Falling In Love” in the radio show! I think it was open to fans since fans were able to see the girls live. ^_^ Also, how cute is Dara doing the dance steps?! Kekekeke! Such a cute girl! ❤ 

130715 Cultwo Show 2NE1 – Falling in love (live)

Credits: 21cl0517·