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Dara Fashion Find: Angelic Dara from the Nikon Legend Event

Angel Dara wore Simone Rocha and Gucci to the Nikon Legend Event! Let me tell you, I have been looking for this look since forever! Thank you so much to @Jigsaw_03 for helping us out with this look! ^_^ I love her look from head to toe. I know some wanted her to go without the white stockings but I truly believe that it was a nice touch to everything! ^_^

Here you go guys, another Dara Fashion Find!


Photos: 120428 HD Pics Of Dara and CL at Nikon Legend Event (Part 3)

I cannot get over how pretty and young and angel-like Dara looks at the P&I event! And hooray for more HD pics! I seriously love Idol-grapher’s pictures of Dara! So HD and perfect and beautiful! ❤ And of course, BaddestFemale also went to the event and snapped cute DaRin pictures! ^^

More pictures of our angel Dara and cute DaRin after the cut!


Photos: 2NE1 for Nikon Legend Event

Yay! 2NE1 will be making another public appearance for Nikon!

2NE1 will be attending the Nikon Legend Event on April 27 and 28 at 3:00-4:00PM!