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Twitter: Luis Quotes Dara’s Tweet – “Don’t Give My Number To Them!!”

And Luis strikes again! Hahaha! Luis Manzano is a celebrity in the Philippines and a very good friend of our dear Dara ^_^

luis tweet

Luis: Don’t give my number to them!! Even if  they beg for it! Please!


Source: @luckymanzano

Twitter: Dara Cheers on SCQ Team in Minute To Win It Philippines ~ Luis: “Come Here So You Can Play Too!”

Hahaha, these two are just too cute! Their friendship is so comfortable. ^^ Earlier today, Dara’s batchmates from SCQ played at Minute To Win It, hosted by Luis. Melissa, Joross, Joseph, and Raphael played for their team. ^.^DaraSCQ

LUIS: It’s already Minute2WinItPH!! PBB vs SCQ!

DARA: Go SCQ!!! 🙂

LUIS: This is why you need to come here so you could play!!!

DARA: Send me plane tickets then, juseyo~


Sources: @krungy21 @luckymanzano

Transatled by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Luis Manzano Tweets Dara – “Pssst Give Me Money”

Hahaha! When these two start tweeting each other, I can’t help but laugh at their silliness and adorableness! Kekeke! ^_^ Oh both of you are super rich, how about you give me some money? Kekekeke! ^_^

Untitled Untitled1Untitled

LUIS: Pssssst give me money

DARA: Why? You are actually richer than me! Hohohohoho

LUIS: I left my own ATM in my house

DARA: Wow!!! Sosyal!!! Hahahahahaha (T/N: We can’t find the right word for “sosyal” but it can mean someone who is “Fab/Fabulous” or “Classy”)

LUIS: Maybe next year they will release the 1500 bill already. They will put my face on it. Its still a secret ok?


Source: @krungy21 + @luckymanzano
Translated by:@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Dara Greets Luis Manzano A Happy Birthday

Kekeke! These two are always so cute and funny! Looks like Dara forgot to greet her friend a happy birthday and Luis is pretending to be mad. Kekeke~ Happy birthday Luis! ^___^


LUIS: Ya!!! Aren’t you gonna greet a happy birthday???

DARA: Happy birthday Luis oppa!!!!!!!! =) Where’s the party???

LUIS: Hm! I don’t know with you! I still had to remind you! Party at the forest in the city! (A/N: Luis is pretending to be mad at Dara for having to remind him of his birthday. Kekeke!)

DARA: Bwahahahahaha! (This guy) pretending to be mad!!! Go enjoy =) I’ll attend your next party hehe

Source: @krungy21 + @luckymanzano

Translated by: OhItsLAI@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Twitter: Dara and Luis Manzano Playfully Banter in Twitter Again!

These two are just so cute and funny! Twitter really gets more entertaining and fun with these two around. ^^


LUIS: Your grammar here is all wrong, next time, I’m going to teach you proper Korean

DARA: Oh sorry!!! It’s really wrong! Pabo! Pablo Krung hahahahahaha

LUIS: Just don’t do it again, I can let this pass this time

DARA: Thank you!!! 🙂 You are so kind, right?! That’s why you’re my favorite oppa!!! Handsome Luis! While I’m pretty!!!

LUIS: Exactly! Come here already!

DARA: You come here instead!!!


Source: @krungy21 @luckymanzano

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Dara and Luis Manzano’s Cute and Funny Twitter Convo

Oh how I’ve missed the Dara-Luis tandem! They are just too cute and funny with each other! Haha! XD


LUIS: Where are you going? Why are you asking everyone to follow you?

DARA: Bwahaha okay koya luis~ follow me!!! Let’s go to bora~ your treat 🙂 (T/N: koya/kuya is like oppa in Tagalog)

LUIS: Okay, I’ll pay, let’s go to Boracay, I’ll ride an airplane, you’ll ride a boat.

DARA: Okay!!! Coz I have fear of flight. Yeah hey~

LUIS: Then it’s okay! You’ll be with bananas and durians in the boat.

More of Dara and Luis’ convo below! ^^


Twitter: Dara and Luis Manzano Kids Around on Twitter

Just gotta love the LuiSan tandem! Their playful tweets are so adorable~! ^^

LUIS: oh you’re here, where’s my gift? i’m fin with cash, but if you can’t give it to me, go (back to Korea) already :p

DARA: ooooops gift? Is a gift really necessary? But I’m already here! I’m already the gift oppa~ hahaha

Source: @krungy21 + @luckymanzano

Translated by: GallytheSnail@WeLoveDara/OhItsLAI@OhDara

Twitter: Dara Finally Agrees to Luis Manzano’s Request?

LuiSan tandem is always so cute !!! A few days ago, Dara and Luis were exchanging tweets about Luis asking Dara for a plane ticket to Korea. And now, looks like Dara finally heeded to his request! ^^

LUIS: @krungy21Ahhh excuse me, I’m still waiting for my ticket to go there! And by that, I mean airplane ticket. You might send me roro tickets.

DARA: @luckymanzano Hmm… Sure!!!!! When are you free?!?

LUIS: @krungy21 Hahahaha Are you sure??? :p

Source: @krungy21 + @luckymanzano

Translated by:  GallytheSnail@WeLoveDara/OhItsLAI@OhDara