LuiSan tandem is always so cute !!! A few days ago, Dara and Luis were exchanging tweets about Luis asking Dara for a plane ticket to Korea. And now, looks like Dara finally heeded to his request! ^^

LUIS: @krungy21Ahhh excuse me, I’m still waiting for my ticket to go there! And by that, I mean airplane ticket. You might send me roro tickets.

DARA: @luckymanzano Hmm… Sure!!!!! When are you free?!?

LUIS: @krungy21 Hahahaha Are you sure??? :p

Source: @krungy21 + @luckymanzano

Translated by:  GallytheSnail@WeLoveDara/OhItsLAI@OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara Finally Agrees to Luis Manzano’s Request?" (14)

  1. Please tour Luis inside YG and introduce him to GD to make him jealous. LOL…i wonder what the YG boys feel about Dara tweeting a handsome, shirtless guy and when they see him with Dara touring in Korea. Fanboys are gonna die.

  2. I just wished that Luis really visits Dara.I wonder how the Koreans fanboys will react when they saw them together in Korea.. LOL

  3. ^__+..Dara such a best fren..*_*!

  4. haha Luis, you’re really

    I know he was just joking but it seems that Dara was serious about giving him tickets^^kk
    love their friendship ❤

  5. I’m sure this is just a joke between two good friends, hopefully fans don’t take it the wrong way. (I read that Luis is a well established showbiz personality in the Philippines, not to mention his mom is a governor and his dad is a senator.) I think the way they joke with each other is quite cute and harmless.^___^

  6. LUIS: AYAW MO PA??? kami nga DYING para makita sya ^^v

    • This is an INTERNATIONAL FANBLOG for Dara. We would really love it if you guys speak in English out of respect to our other visitors. Thank you! ^_^

  7. For sure Luis is just kidding, he can definitely afford his own ticket…he is rich! I really love Dara and Luis’ friendship…very casual and Dara doesn’t seem to be awkward with him. Very much like what Seungri is to Dara.

  8. LuiSan is cute, but I hope that people aren’t taking this the wrong way. I mean, it may come off to others as Luis taking advantage of D, but I’m pretty sure he’s only half serious and only teasing about asking for a ticket – thus, the “are you sure” reply. This is the kind of thing you do with really close friends who you’ve known for a long time.

    BTW, for those who don’t know what RORO means, it’s a boat. 🙂

    • Dragonfly87 said:

      RORO means “roll on – roll off”. It’s a kind of boat you ride when you’re driving a car and would like to bring your car from one island to another. 🙂

      As for LUISAN friendship, I do hope fans wouldn’t mistake their relationship as “too sweet” or BF/GF-like since Filipinos are naturally hospitable, amiable & sociable by nature. Just imagine Filipino strangers meeting in a different country, they would hang out and know everything about each other in a span of minutes. That’s why a lot of gossips and dating rumors circulate in Philippine media due to their sociable nature.

      For those very protective fans, please don’t take things (their convos) too literally and seriously. 🙂

  9. Invite Melissa too Dara hehe, then tour them inside the YGE headquarters lol

  10. OMG….i so love their friendship….i think he’s the closest male friend she has…..or joross… actually waiting for joross…LOL…

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