This is just too cute!!! Dara finally uploaded a selca on Twitter! ^^ In her selca, Cutie Darong tried to imitate maknae Mingkki. Kekeke They’re both soooo cute! Oh, and how gorge does Dara look in the selca?!?! Long hair ftw! <333

DARA: @mingkki21 Are you all curious as to the reason why Gong-tographer has to take my picture?!?

DARA: @mingkki21 Gongtographer taught me how to take a selca from the angle to the right expression! I copied at 100% and this is the outcome… ㅡㅡ;;; It seems selcas aren’t for me ㅠ.ㅠ Gongphotographer~ You’ll take pictures of me~ right?? I’m on my way to Gong studio now! ^^

MINZY: @krungy21 Eum ha ha ha ha!!!

DARA: @mingkki21 Just now at the Gong studio with Master Gongtographer, I nervously finished my first shooting ^_^; I was so nervous, I may look a little stiff… But because she takes such great pictures~ I think some of them might come out well! Right Gongtographer?!? I’ll look forward to the pictures! >.< dugun dugun (fluttering heart).

[Update] Also, in response to Dara’s tweet of her selca to Minzy, Song Wongki on of the YG dancers replied:

WONKI: @krungy21 Kekekeke Ack Noona

DARA: @swg126 Huh What is it keke

WONKI: @krungy21 kekeke Are you learning about angles to take the pictures too~? ke ke

Source: @krungy21 + @mingkki21 + @swg126

Translated by: @ygfan4life + Ouley_Soleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter/Photo: Cute and Adorable Dara Tries to Copy Mingkki’s Selca" (7)

  1. Ssantoki, what are u doing u dork…omg…LOL…Biggest dork award to this girl right here!!!!XD Baby minky&Ssantoki<3333

  2. the hair and outfit is so nice!!!! she’s so pretty and precious in this picture…

  3. she’s at it again..she did this before via me2day..copying minky’s aegyo selca…

  4. Ugh! Damn! I’m so duped, I’m in love with her!!! I don’t want a boyfriend now…~~ke

    • guess what ur not alone…huhuhu…my boyfriend is either jealous or thankful as well..he find it amusing that im a fan of dara rather than any guy, but is quite annoyed when i check this blog rather than answer his emails.hehehhehhe

  5. hope dara’s hair will be normal again :”>

  6. Dara loves playing with Minzy! And I love Dara’s hair, hope to see more photos of her in that hairstyle

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