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News: Sandara Park’s Sudden Appearance on KPop Star “I came to support Sajangnim”

Sandara Park’s sudden appearance “I came to support Sajangnim”


On KPOP Star 4, 2NE1’s Sandara Park made a sudden appearance. In SBS KPOP Star Episode 20 whih was broadcasted on the 5th, Jung Seunghwan, Katie Kim, and Lee Jinah TOP 3 Semi-Final stage was held.

In the midst of their stages being shown, Park Jimin, Lee Hayi and Sandara Park were on Camera. On the day, to the question “Who do you support?” Park Jimin, who performed her first solo debut stage, said “Because I imitated her before, it’s Lee Jinah unnie.”

Also Lee Hayi said “Katie Kim who performed a collab stage with me, fighting!” Sandara Park said “I came to support Sajangnim today” and Yang Hyun Suk who got caught in the camera, made a happy Daddy Smile.


Translated by: @KIMJ1WON

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Photos: 130407 Fantaken Photos of Beautiful 2NE1 at KPOP Star 2

Our beautiful ladies watching and supporting YG sajangnim~ They look so serious in watching! Kekeke~ ^^






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Screencaps: 130407 Beautiful 2NE1 at K-POP Star 2

OMG! Our girls look so beautiful! T_T Just a simple guesting like this makes me soooo happy, I can’t even! I miss them so much! T_T Comeback already please! T_T


See Dara’s phone! Keke~ Baby girl cheering for YG sajangnim!!! ^_^ Woooot! Remember when Dara tried to cheer for Thunder? This time, it’s a success! Keke~ ^^



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