OMG! Our girls look so beautiful! T_T Just a simple guesting like this makes me soooo happy, I can’t even! I miss them so much! T_T Comeback already please! T_T


See Dara’s phone! Keke~ Baby girl cheering for YG sajangnim!!! ^_^ Woooot! Remember when Dara tried to cheer for Thunder? This time, it’s a success! Keke~ ^^



Credits: @21_tok + Nate

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Screencaps: 130407 Beautiful 2NE1 at K-POP Star 2" (5)

  1. Dara I love you,please take care,2ne1 come back soon.

  2. wow!! the girls full of balmain outfit *_*
    they’re so beautiful

    but really sorry i dont like sexy CL 😥

  3. ahhh…they all look good..

    as always…go! go! girls!

  4. Dara Fanboy said:

    Dara so beautiful! ❤
    Bom looks different, I like her black hair.

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