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Instagram: Lee Beomkyu Shares Pictures with Cool Dara, Hyoni, Seungyoon, Minho and One Backstage during Epik High’s “Now Playing” Concert

So sweet of them to give Seungyoon dried mangoes for pasalubong since he wasn’t able to come to the Philippines ❤

FireShot Capture - 이범규(Lee.Beomkyu.) on Instagram_ “같이 가지 못한 _ - https___instagram.com_p_6H5SwNmee4_ FireShot Capture - 이범규(Lee.Beomkyu.) on Instagram_ “우헤요 가족사진._ - https___instagram.com_p_6IIrcOmeQV_

Here’s a photo of Dara with Beomkyu, Seungyoon, Hyoni, Minho and One backstage at Epik High’s concert last night!

FireShot Capture - 이범규(Lee.Beomkyu.) on Instagram_ “#에픽하이 콘서트_ - https___instagram.com_p_6IJC06GeRm_

And here’s a short clip from Lee Beomkyu. You can see Dara beside him sitting down with Hyoni (I think? Hehe!) ^^


Admin Post: WeLoveDara/OhDara Bulk Orders for 1st Look Magazine Featuring “We Broke Up” Cast ~ “If We Are”

Hello guys! We are doing bulk orders for 1st Look magazine.. This is open to all the fans of the main leads! ^^ Please take note of the order details, if you have questions, fire them off in the comments section below.. ^^




Photos: “We Broke Up” Cast Outtakes from 1st Look Photoshoot “If We Are… Moment” ~ “We Just Married!”

Oooohhh why do I like this outtake picture of TeamWeForever than the actual print? XD Anyway, they look good together! ^^ And ooohhh Dara’s elegant hands.. ❤





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Photos: Behind-The-Scene Pictures of “We Broke Up” Cast’s Photoshoot for “We Broke Up”

I hope they release a behind-the-scenes video! ^^




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Official/Photos: “We Broke Up” Main Cast Transform into Beautiful, Handsome Couples for 1st Look Korea’s Wedding-Style Photoshoot ~ “If We Are”

1st Look magazine is finally here and the pictures surely did not disappoint! ❤ Our good-looking, charismatic “We Broke Up” cast all look gorgeous! ❤






More under the cut!


News: KpopHerald ~ “Sandara Park, Kang Seung-Yoon to go Busking”~ “We Broke Up” Reached 7.5 Million Views

Sandara Park, Kang Seung-yoon to go busking

2015063001003526000255611_99_20150630214536 (1)

Kang Seung-yoon and Sandara Park, the stars of CJ E&M Web drama “We Broke Up,” plan to go busking in the Hongdae area in Seoul, a trendy and youthful area filled with cafes and clubs.

Last month, they pledged to perform on the streets if their drama hit 5 million views. It had already reached 7.5 million views this week, according to the production crew Thursday.

The drama based on the animated Web series of the same name features the story of a college campus couple who have broken up, but are forced to live under the same roof.

Both have singing careers. Kang is a key member of K-pop boy group WINNER, while Park became known from K-pop girl group 2NE1.

“We broke up” has aired Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 p.m. on Naver TV Cast and is set to conclude this Friday.

Source: KPopHerald

Video/Official: “We Broke Up” Has Reached the End~ Woori Goes on a Journey to Find herself, Won Young Lets Go of Mars Music, Hyun Woo Lets Go of his 3-Year Crush~ “Again It’s Spring”

On borrowed computer time, so sorry this was posted late.. T_T Anyway, OMG IT HAS FINALLY ENDED! I am sad to see NOh Woori and Ji Won Young and the rest of the characters go to be honest.. T_T “We Broke Up” was a great and compelling drama, I just wished it was longer so we could see more character and plot development.. T_T Anyway, so here’s the last episode! I won’t spoil anything, but please do share your thoughts in the comments section! I know that a lot are confused about the ending, it is sooo open-ended I can’t even kekeke.. XD What do you think of the ending? How do you interpret it? Share your thoughts below!!! ^^

우리 헤어졌어요 (WE BROKE UP) – EP10 “Again It’s Spring”

We Broke Up
Translated by don093

(Kang Seung Yoon)
Where is your smile that used to shine on me always?
Where is your warmth that used to embrace my body?
You, who used to say “I’m Happy” to me with your pretty voice…
Without me knowing, the fragile girl I knew is not here anymore…
The fact that you were hurting because of me…
It’s too late knowing and regretting that now…
Love that I thought would last forever and
The promise we made not to let go of each other’s hands…
Crumbles without strength in front of the farewell that came quietly…
That’s right, we broke up today

(Sandara Park)
Where is your gaze that looked at me lovingly?
I missed your embrace that you lent me whenever I cried…
Where are you, who promised me you’ll make me happy…
The warm man I used to know isn’t here anymore…
The fact that you made me lonely Don’t forget that now, it’s too late…
Love that you said would last forever
And your hand that held me tightly…
Crumbles without strength in front of my heart that you hurt.
That’s right, we broke up today…

I was always really sorry…

I really loved you…

(Dara and Yoonie)
The love we thought would last forever and
The delusion we dismissed
Crumbles without strength in front of the farewell that came quietly…
That’s right, we broke up today…

Lalalala lalala (2x)



Credits: YGEntertainment

Official/Video: Woori Leaves the Share House, Won Young Gets Depressed, and Hyun Woo Fights Back~ Thrilling “We Broke Up” Episode 9

Okay so this episode left me drowning in feels OTL My #TeamWeForever TT___TT Won Youngie basically rampaging in Hyun Woo’s place though.. So seriously, they are NOT over each other OTL I wonder where Woori went? T_T Be safe, Woori-ya! T_T

What’s your favorite scene in this episode? One more episode to go! I don’t want it to end yet~!!! TT___TT

우리 헤어졌어요 (WE BROKE UP) – EP9 “How to Remove a Band Aid”

Credits: YGEntertainment

Official/Video: YG Entertainment Releases Another “We Broke Up” OST Preview with Kang Seungyoon’s Soulful Vocals~ “0+1”

YG, PLEASEEEEEE we need the OSTs~! The songs are beautiful and we need them in our lives.. T_T And Seungyoon, gah!!!! /melts in a fangirl puddle Your voice!!! /faints

And awww, the scenes featuring Woori packing up and Won Young with a regretful look on his face.. T_T

우리 헤어졌어요 (We Broke Up) – PREVIEW #2

Credits: YGEntertainment

Instagram: PR Director Sandara Park Shares Enthralling “1st Look” Magazine Photos



1stLOOK #dara 👰



1stLOOK #dara #seungyoon


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