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Official/ Photos: HQ/HD Official/Press Photos of Sandara Park and Kang Seungyoon for Web Drama, “We Broke Up”

Dara and Seungyoon are so cute, I can’t even.. Look at them.. Look at how comfy they are with each other.. /le cries



Sandara Park~!!! Rocking musical instruments, I’m so proud.. T_T



Check out the cut for handsome Seungyoon~! 


Weibo: Actress Dara Shares More Gorgeous BTS Pictures While Filming “Producer” ~ “Lots of Wonderful Memories!”

Oohhhh more BTS pics, yay! I’m happy that Dara was well taken cared of during the filming and that she enjoyed it a lot. ❤



Hi! I’m acting in a very interesting drama as a guest performer~ Even if I don’t have many scenes, the drama is really funny ~ Especially that there are lots of actors which I like, so that makes me even more excited. Also, everyone took good care of me during the filming, so I have lots of wonderful memories. Hope you guys can watch “Producer” 🙂


Source: @daraxxicn on Weibo

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