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Weibo: Actress Dara Shares More Gorgeous BTS Pictures While Filming “Producer” ~ “Lots of Wonderful Memories!”

Oohhhh more BTS pics, yay! I’m happy that Dara was well taken cared of during the filming and that she enjoyed it a lot. ❤



Hi! I’m acting in a very interesting drama as a guest performer~ Even if I don’t have many scenes, the drama is really funny ~ Especially that there are lots of actors which I like, so that makes me even more excited. Also, everyone took good care of me during the filming, so I have lots of wonderful memories. Hope you guys can watch “Producer” 🙂


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Videos/Subs: 150523 Feisty Actress Sandara Park’s Cut in “The Producers” Episode 5 ~ “Don’t Call Me Unnie or Noona!”

Here it is! The cuts of Dara’s cameo in “The Producers”, yaayyyy! ❤ We’re used to seeing Dara’s bubbly, cheerful self, and saw her play shy, melancholic So Dam in “Dr. Ian,” well watch as Dara transforms into Actress Sandara Park and shows a different side of her! A fiercer, feisty celebrity! I love all her cuts! I love her conversation with Jisoo, her fake smile at IU, and her planning with Seung Yoon! Kekeke! ^^ Which is your favorite part? ^^

The Producers, Episode 5 – Sandara Park Cut

[ENG] 1N2D special with Seungyoon, Sandara, IU, Jisoo, Minwoo, Minjae – Producer drama cut

Credits: tzen0505 + Puppy Tokki

Photos: GIFs of Radiant, Charming Actress Dara in her Cameo for “The Producers” Episode 4

The fabulous Sandara Park!!! ❤


Dara and Jisoo are the cutest.. ❤ Such pretty girls~! ❤

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And here is my favorite GIF out of all the wonderful GIFs.. ❤ Kekekeke! Her look could cut lesser people.. XD Still so pretty though even with her annoyed expression.. ^^


Dara and Seungyoonnnnnn~! *giddy squealing*

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More after the cut!!!


Photo: Behind the Scenes Picture of Sandara Park and Kang Seungyoon While Filming “The Producers” Cameo

Awwww, look at them being so cute and close to each other now! I wonder what they’re doing on their phones, and what’s on Dara’s screen.. Kekeke! Fighting! 



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