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News: Philippine Star – “It’s Epik High Time” ~ Tablo Mentions Sandara Park, “We Really Worked Well Together and are Good Friends”

It’s Epik High Time


MANILA, Philippines – Filipino K-Pop fans experienced a different high during Epik High’s Concert Parade in Manila. For one, it was not your typical K-Pop concert. The alternative hip-hop group from YG Entertainment gave a chill yet highly entertaining show featuring their unique “sad, fun” kind of music.

Before the show, Epik High composed of Tablo, DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin sat for an interview with The STAR and talked about their music, the K-Pop scene and some of their plans and on-going activities.

Epik High’s lead rapper, songwriter and producer, Tablo, shared that hip-hop is currently the dominant and most popular genre in Korea right now and is often combined with other genres such as pop and R&B. However, what set them apart from other K-Pop groups are their “sad, fun” songs.

When asked to define their music, Tablo answered, “The melodies that we used and also the lyrical content might be considered a little sad, sometimes pessimistic but we deliver it in a way that it’s fun and energetic. We could be on stage singing a song about break-up, about a very heartbreaking moment but the crowd will be having fun to it. The fact that people like that about Epik High’s music is because life is sort of like that. You know, life is a series of sad moments but you get through it by smiling and hanging out with your friends and trying to make the most of it.

During the concert, Epik High delivered a highly-engaging set and combined signature hits such as Fly, Up, It’s Cold, Umbrella, Love Love Love and Don’t Hate Me with recent chart-toppers Happen Ending, Born Hater and Eyes, Nose, Lips from their new album Shoebox.

The way they interacted with the audience and enjoyed the stage also further turned up the party mode. “We are very silly. We’d like having crazy fun on stage and we are good at giving energy to the crowd. Hopefully, that will be something that the audience would see,” Tablo said.

Aside from doing album promotions and going on concert tours, Epik High is also involved in a new indie label, High Ground. Tablo explained, “It’s not actually for underground rappers, musicians alone. High Ground is neither underground nor mainstream but the label will be a mirror image of the artists. I think it’s going to be a little different, new YG.”


Epik High is also looking forward to do more collaboration projects with other artists like fellow YG Family artist Sandara Park of 2NE1. “She was on stage with us for the YG Family Tour where she sang Love, Love, Love and it was really good. We really worked well together and we are good friends so maybe sometime in the near future we can have a song with her,” Tablo shared.

Sandara actually wanted to come with us on tour but she has prior engagements. Next time, she said, she would like come with us and give us a tour (of the Philippines),” he added.

Since it was their first time to witness how Filipinos sing along and party, Epik High was amazed and thankful for the show’s turnout. “The fact that they like our music is surprising and very flattering. We are very happy and grateful; it’s a miracle to us. We love you! Thank you for having us and listening to our music. We hope to visit as often as possible and to make you smile.”

After Asia, Epik High will embark on a North American Tour in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Vancouver and Toronto starting this May.

Credits: PhilStar

News: DJ Tukutz when Asked which YG Artist He Considers to be Closest To ~ “I’m close with Sandara”


Korean hip-hop trio Epik High rocked Manila over the weekend in their first-ever concert here, turning it into a frenzied night of good music and opportunity to connect with their Pinoy fans.

Epik High’s Tablo, DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin pumped up the crowd that converged at the SM City North Edsa’s Skydome for the “Epik High Concert Parade in Manila” presented by Pulp Live World in cooperation with 28 Black.

Epik High started in the underground hip-hop scene in South Korea in 2003 and was under two agencies before signing up with YG Entertainment in 2012.

Asked which YG Entertainment artist they consider to be closest to, DJ Tukutz said 2NE1’s Dara.

I’m close with Sandara and I hope she thinks, too. We follow each other on SNS (social networking site),” he said while Mithra Jin wished, “I want to be close with Big Bang.”

Tablo considers Big Bang’s T.O.P as his “soul mate.”

“I’m like soul mates with T.O.P of Big Bang and he thinks so, too. Totally, we’re like twins. Not the way we look but our souls are twins,” he said.

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Article Source: Manila Bulletin

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Twitter/Instagram: 141115 Dara (@krungy21) watches EPIK High’s Concert ~ “The songs were good ㅠ.ㅠ and the performances were all so fun! “


Done watching Epik High oppas’ concert! It was the first time watching their concert and it was really good! The songs were good ㅠ.ㅠ and the performances were all so fun! Ack! I won’t put any more spoilers…hehe it was more fun since all the audience jumped and played together! I learned a lot from oppas today! Best best!!#EPIKHIGHPARADE2014


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Translated by: @ sumiinkim

Twitter/Instagram: 141115 Tablo (@blobyblo) shares a photo of 2NE1’s Flower Wreath for EPIK High Concert



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Twitter/Instagram: Tablo (@blobyblo) shares a photo of EPIK High with Supportive Dara


Dara who came to watch Epik (High) Saturday night show~ #EPIKHIGHPARADE2014


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