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Instagram+Weibo: Actress Dara Says Good-bye to Pink Hair in Preparation for her Web Drama Shoot~ “Good-bye Pink Darong!”

Dara said that she’ll be dying her hair back to black for the drama shoot, and it seems that they’re going to shoot starting on Monday, we have to say good-bye to her pink hair now.. And she seems sad to say good-bye.. She’s attached to her light-colored hair .. T_T But… Yay drama shooting! ❤


Everyday as I shampoo my hair, the color becomes prettier and prettier.. . Good-bye Pink Dara~!!! Pink darong 🔜 black darong 


dye hair


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Instagram+Weibo: Luminous, Light-Haired Dara Congratulates ACne Studios OPening in Cheongdam

Dara looks great with light-colored hair! But she rocks dark hair too.. XD Dara rocks all kinds of hairstyles! Booyah! ❤ 23-year-old Dara everyone! XD


Awesome-cute!!! >.< Celebrating the opening of in Cheongdam 😄#AcneStudiosCheongdam


Languid Dara


Have a nice day!!! 😀


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Instagram/Weibo: Beautiful Tourist Dara Share Photos Enjoying the Wonderful Beach at Anvaya Cove in Bataan Philippines

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “☀️” - https___instagram.com_p_56L-aZCS4V_


FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “🌴” - https___instagram.com_p_56NikRCS6g_





Weibo: Tourist Dara Share More Pictures of Her Trip to Tagaytay Together with “We Broke Up” Family

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Video: Dara Shares a Cute Video of Herself Practicing her Chinese-Speaking Skills~ “Are You Happy When You See Me?”

I don’t speak Chinese, and am not really around Chinese speakers, so I can’t gauge how well she’s doing.. XD But she sounds so nice! ❤ Fighting Dara-ya!<3

Dara’s Weibo Video Featuring her Chinese Practice

Hello everybody! How are you? I’m fine. Korea is very hot recently. Have you eaten? I’m not hungry, so I haven’t eatn yet. What do you guys drink? Cola? I drink water. I’m very happy when I see you guys, are you happy when you see me? Thanks. Bye bye!”


Practising how to speak Chinese


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Weibo: Actress Sandara Park Promotes “We Broke Up” on her Weibo Account~ “Coming Soon!”

Pretty, pretty, pretty Dara!!! ❤ The first picture is love, she looks so beautiful, I love buns like that on Dara! Buns with bangs, so pretty! T_T And the second and third photos show how charming and ever youthful looking she is.. ❤


We Broke Up Coming Soon ~ D-5 😀



We Broke Up~ D-3! 😀


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Instagram+Weibo: Dara as Noh Woori, Shares Cute Pictures with Totally Adorable “Ggotdoongie”

Oohhhh they have a pet in the show! Waaaahhhh so so so cute! ❤tumblr_nq76nhM3Ud1qg71q1o1_540

Noh Woori with Ggotdoongie 😝 #WeBrokeUp  #WEBROKEUP D-10


Web drama 《We Broke Up》 will be broadasted soon. Took a photo with Ggotdoongie. The web drama is interesting~ Please look forward to it ^.^


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Weibo: Tourist Dara Shares her Hawaii Experience with the Chinese Fans ~ “I Also Want to Travel to China Soon”

The first photo is so so so cute! Dara imitating the statue! ❤ And the second photo, Dara is just a goddess, so beautiful.. TT And the third, Hawaii looks like such a fun, beautiful place! ❤




Hello~ Last week, I went to Hawaii for a photoshoot. It was my first time going to Hawaii, it was so refreshing and exciting. Even though Hawaii is pretty far and unfamiliar, I was still very happy. We took a lot of photos and ate a lot of food, so it was fun. I really love to travel and I like to sightsee. I also wish to travel to China ^.^


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Weibo: Actress Dara Shares More Gorgeous BTS Pictures While Filming “Producer” ~ “Lots of Wonderful Memories!”

Oohhhh more BTS pics, yay! I’m happy that Dara was well taken cared of during the filming and that she enjoyed it a lot. ❤



Hi! I’m acting in a very interesting drama as a guest performer~ Even if I don’t have many scenes, the drama is really funny ~ Especially that there are lots of actors which I like, so that makes me even more excited. Also, everyone took good care of me during the filming, so I have lots of wonderful memories. Hope you guys can watch “Producer” 🙂


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Weibo: Sweet Actress Dara Thanks the Fans for the Snacks and Gifts on Weibo~ “So Touched and Happy!”

Fighting, fighting Sandara Park~! We appreciate all your love and gratitude for the fans… ❤ This is why we will never tire to support you, we hope that you continue to do what you love and that you love what you do.. Keep reaching for your dreams, we got your back! ❤


Yesterday when I was filming, I received gifts from fans~ delicious snacks and some useful gifts in summer, I really appreciate it. So touched and so happy for this~!! Though I don’t have many schedules in China, I really appreciate fans’ waiting and support. When I can go to teh stage in China, will I meet you guys? I’m still waiting for that.


Then web drama is released, I hope everyone can watch it ^.^


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