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Photo: 161126 Blackjacks to Dara (@krungy21) on Pinoy Band Superstar “We Will Always Support You!”

During the Fourth Live Show of Pinoy Band Superstar, Blackjacks decided to do a support project for a sad Dara by holding up banners which said “We will always support you. Thank you very much!”

Dara, we will always be here for you. We will always be here for CL, Bom and Minzy too. Blackjacks love all of you. There may be pain now but it will not last. The journey may have ended but the journey was special.


Dara responded by signing a banner and writing #ThankYouBlackjacks



Credit: artistshin1224@instagram

Twitter: Dara Replies to Fans, Suggests A Hashtag for Dadoong’s Birthday – “#HAPPYdoongdoongday”

Dara suggesting a hashtag for Dadoong’s birthday! Kekeke! #HAPPYdoongdoongday is so cute too! LOL! ❤


OMG DARA. Why is Dadoong in a washing mashine? XD Alien Dara is so alien! Haha. Aigoo are you using the washing maching to wash Dadoong? Aigoo! Poor Doongie! Kekekeke! ^___^


FAN: unnie did you know that #DADOONG1E trended worldwide last year? Daralings, Blackjacks, and A+ all helped in trending =)

DARA: thank u!!! =)