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Photo: 161126 Blackjacks to Dara (@krungy21) on Pinoy Band Superstar “We Will Always Support You!”

During the Fourth Live Show of Pinoy Band Superstar, Blackjacks decided to do a support project for a sad Dara by holding up banners which said “We will always support you. Thank you very much!”

Dara, we will always be here for you. We will always be here for CL, Bom and Minzy too. Blackjacks love all of you. There may be pain now but it will not last. The journey may have ended but the journey was special.


Dara responded by signing a banner and writing #ThankYouBlackjacks



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Instagram : Lucky Dara Wins a Cute Pillow with Signatures from PBS Top12 Boys


Yeah hey!!! I’m a lucky girl!!!I got the PBS pillow with the autograph of top 12 boys!!! You’ll be the next winner~ good luck fan girl😀👊🏻



Source: @daraxxi

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Instagram: Excited Dara Proclaims that her Everlasting Love for “Kapamilya” ~ To be One of the Judges of New Show “Pinoy Band Superstar”

So apparently, Dara will be one of the judges for “Pinoy Band Superstar””a new show on Philippine channel, ABS-CBN. She’s been very consistent that she wanted to try being a judge in a show and tell people “You’re in!”so has she been hinting about it since before? ^^ Kekeke! She will be judging alongside Filipino entertainer/comedienne Vice Gana, and singer, Yeng Constantino. No news yet when it’ll be aired. ^_^

According to ABS-CBN’s short description of the show:

This upcoming reality show aims to find new Pinoy boy bands that will bring kilig and good music to television viewers.

They will be judged by K-Pop star Sandara Park, comedian Vice Ganda and singer Yeng Constantino.

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Mahal ko kayo kapamilya!!! Noon at ngayon 😀

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I love you, Kapamilya (fandom name of ABS-CBN)!!! From then until now 😀

Star Cinema/ Star Creative’s Mico Del Rosario also uploaded the vid on this Instagram

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OMG! Sandaraaaaaa!!!!

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Here’s a video of the show promo during the ABS-CBN Trade event. ^^


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