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Photos: More Playful Dara During GD’s CrayOn Stage for SBS Gayo Daejoon

Gah, Dara looks so pretty and gorgeous and extremely playful in these pics. ^^ Can you just see the playful look in her eyes, kekeke! ^^




More pics after the cut. ^^


Photo: 121229 Another Fantaken Photo of Dara During G-Dragon’s “Crayon” Stage at SBS Gayo Daejun


Credit: As Tagged via @ForeverwithDara

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Videos: More Fancams Of Dara, Thunder, and GD at SBS Gayo Daejun

Fancams, fancams, more fancams please! ^^ SBS Gayo Daejun sure has a wealth of fancams. ^^

Dara and Thunder Sitting Together 

Dara and GD for CrayOn Performance

Credits: jjirong21 / @sungP00 

Video: Dara Struts Her Stuff And Joins G-Dragon On Big Bang’s SBS Gayo Daejoon Stage

WHOA! Well, this is unexpected, I doubt anyone knew this was happening! Keke! So, Dara went and strutted in her glorious self during GD’s “CrayOn” performance! You can actually see people being all shocked when she sashayed onto the stage, keke! ^^ Love how YG Family supports each other! ^^ And oh, watch Big Bang’s awesome performance, they killed it! YG family, FOR THE WIN! ❤

Dara appears in @1:03 of the video! Enjoy our sexy, confident Dara strutting her stuff! ^.^

[Big Bang] One of Kind, CrayOn, FANTASTIC BABY – SBS Gayo Daejoon

Credits: SBSNOW1