WHOA! Well, this is unexpected, I doubt anyone knew this was happening! Keke! So, Dara went and strutted in her glorious self during GD’s “CrayOn” performance! You can actually see people being all shocked when she sashayed onto the stage, keke! ^^ Love how YG Family supports each other! ^^ And oh, watch Big Bang’s awesome performance, they killed it! YG family, FOR THE WIN! ❤

Dara appears in @1:03 of the video! Enjoy our sexy, confident Dara strutting her stuff! ^.^

[Big Bang] One of Kind, CrayOn, FANTASTIC BABY – SBS Gayo Daejoon

Credits: SBSNOW1

Comments on: "Video: Dara Struts Her Stuff And Joins G-Dragon On Big Bang’s SBS Gayo Daejoon Stage" (46)

  1. akocdaisy said:

    Dara was so wonderful in and out,.

  2. sirrianna said:

    Sorreeee everyone but my cuz recently sent me an em stating that gd/kiko are real..lol..and she accidentally saw their shaired facebook acct. I don’t really care who he’s dating but I honestly believe that he was never right for Dara..she so deserves better. So who-ever she’s dating i just hope she’s happy.

  3. bitch me all you want. i don’t give a damn.
    you all need to open up your eyes.

  4. only stupid international fans spazz or believe in daragon.
    kvips don’t believe such thing.
    they are just friend.
    dara won’t go for gd because gd himself is a bad boy. if you don’t know,well your the loser.
    dara ideal type is flower boy and young age.

  5. Dara deserves to be happy !!!!.. Haters are biatch.

  6. GD do always reveal it to the public about his love to DARA through his songs,. and its always dara that completed it and join him on stage..with a live and surprised performance kinda like telling everybody’s about the answer for all of our questions between them.. omo!.. so happy! DARAGON.. ♥..fighting!!!

  7. everyone’s speculation is as good as what everyone else thinks. no confirmation has been said. let’s not burst everyone’s bubble. believe what you want to believe not unless GD confirms who’s he dating and stop insisting nonexistent happenings. :DD

  8. I’m an International VIP BUT I dont care if she dates GD or other member in BB I just WANT HER TO BE HAPPY WHO EVER SHE CHOOSES. What is with the hate and possesiveness?

  9. As what others speculation that YG&GD using Dara just to covered up for the GD&Kiko photo in Phuket is just a PLAIN STUPIDS. Do they know how much YG cares/loves/likes Dara as her true daughter. YG may be strict & a king of troll but he doesn’t use his artist as a bait.And the photo of allegedly Gd&Kiko in Phuket was PHOTOSHOPPED, the one who upload the photo said that the photos in his/her IG was taken during his/her vacation time BUT those photos was actually on GOOGLE.
    And ALSO KVIP’s loves DARA so much & they even support them on stage during his appearance on GD’s perf. If you haven’t noticed yet ONLY INTERNATIONAL VIPS put hates comments on Dara cause they DON’T KNOW whats going on between them in real life.

  10. I was so Happy and Giddy about this since I ship them! But then, after reading those hateful comments about their performance I just wished all members of 2ne1 just went up the stage so that Dee won’t get all the hate. But because I ship them with all my heart, I just wanna say, Shut the Fuck up Bitches coz DaraGon is REAL! 😀

  11. this is like a confirmation about their relationship status~~ why not 2NE1, why not CL, why not Bom, why not Minzy, why not all of them, just Dara~~ that’s because on that special stage, Dara is a special someone whom that song of Gd is talking about ^^ so VIPs should not be jealous, they should somehow understand and make them happy, support the two! I am happy for them ^_^

  12. OMG ❤ the best ❤

  13. I was giddy up all night watching them, spazzing like crazy, but this morning i ran through something and my heart totally sank… i hate the feeling… i just wish Dara all the happiness she deserves, that’s it…

  14. Sandara Stark said:

    We should get surprises like this more often! It’s good for the heart! Hahaha

  15. at the beggining i didn’t notice dara sitting next to her lil bro when gd started performing..

  16. I dont care what everyone will say about dara..as long as she’s happy..i will support her all the way..

  17. So happy today!!!bow………….

  18. Just re-read the trans because a fellow vip from another blog pointed out that GD despite being younger called Dara by her nickname “Darong”.

    Correct me if Im wrong but only her fellow member calls her by that name (and maybe Se7en).


  19. my sweet dara.

  20. why am I feeling giddy here OMG DARAGON .

  21. I don’t care what everybody says , daragon is real…. 🙂 so happy

  22. compared to 2010’s mama where she also had a cameo role during inag, she seemed to feel more comfy with gd here. same thing cud be said of hello perfs vs inag mv’s. either she’s really close with gd (whether daragon’s real or not) or taeyang had bullied her too much LOL

  23. Omo!!! Love it!

  24. y are them annoyed well in fact GD is actually thankful of performing with her on stage?? maybe as hardcore VIPs they should know GD’s true feelings… well the twitter convo says it all hehehhe 🙂

  25. omo omo my daragon heart…….. faint

  26. this is what i’m talking about hehehe 🙂
    anyways just saw this in fb taken from twitter acct of GD….

    DARA PARK Philippines
    34 minutes ago
    @IBGDRGN: @krungy21 Darong~It was an honor to perform together

    @krungy21: @IBGDRGN It was an honor!! For me~!!!^.^ Thanks for including me in an amazing performance~~~ >.< Bow!!

    @IBGDRGN: @krungy21 See you the day after tomorrow~~be careful in the snow 2NE1 is the best

    you can see the actual convo posted hir…:-)

    sorry for spazzing hehehe 🙂

    • Back then (Hello Perf, SBS Gayo), they weren’t on twitter yet, so I guess, fan assumed that “shippers” were extremely dulusions and annoying. But since GD has come out and publicly thanked her, that should keep saesang fans from complaining. 😛

  27. I screamed like a banshee when i saw her pop up on-stage, had to replay the video just to make sure! I’m hoping tho that shippers would stop spazzing on the YT comment, coz a lot of hardcore VIPs are annoyed by it and end up hating on Dara 😦

    • Poor Dara… It’s a YG family thing so no need to hate our goddess

      • yup.. maybe that the reason y GD thank her via twitter… some VIPs are kinda like… well… 😦

        • From what I gather from their past collabs esp the Hello perf before on SBS Gayo , some fans didn’t like the excessive spamming/spazzing of shippers.

          That’s why I stopped hanging out in some of BB fanblogs because they were bashing her.

          • yes that’s the right thing… its ok for both parties to spazz or be annoyed but what matters most is to respect each other…because we’re just fans…

        • Ignore them.. they r just jelous ^^ lets celebrate for our goddess Dee, she did an awesome job … we must be proud .. and pink G must be proud too :)) *clap*

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