Gah, Dara looks so pretty and gorgeous and extremely playful in these pics. ^^ Can you just see the playful look in her eyes, kekeke! ^^




More pics after the cut. ^^









Source: Chenish Egloos

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: More Playful Dara During GD’s CrayOn Stage for SBS Gayo Daejoon" (7)

  1. redstilleto said:

    Dara looks like his studying Jiyong’s face on the first pic. While Jiyong’s eyes are piercing in 3 of the pics. Best couple!

  2. I want to see a video of this perf!! :”>

  3. I love the first pic. It looks like she’s been studying GD and she finds it amusing on how GD’s making a complete fool out of himself just to make him notice her. Kekeke XD

  4. love Dara’s facial expressions! yeah, i love this couple, too 😉

  5. nessadin0 said:

    Dara is just the cutest. I really hope to see her in a drama this year. That is my wish. Oh I hope hope hope Papa YG lets her do dramas or movies.

  6. so cute, i love this couple,

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