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Photo: 2NE1 For Nikon A Shot A Day

Pretty~! Bommie looks like a doll and 2NE1 at the bottom look very happy sitting together. ^^


Source: 21impact on Weibo

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Me2day: Director Park posts another hint ^^

Update #2:

[TRANS][Director Park’s Great News] Did you hear today’s preview?!! Was it too short? Ke ^^; Let’s look forward to the 24th with an excited heart! The full one! Kkya! +.+ And so~! On to the second hint!!! Dudung! Near our new office building!!! There!!!!! Seogyo dong 358-12!!!!! From tomorrow~! Start!!! 

Tags: Dalong who is offering some gifts! *.*

Update #1:

[TRANS][Director Park’s Great News] Dudung!!! The first hint! Everyone! The MP3 player with “The Coolest” (T/N: Again, going by the title that YG put up on YG-Life), I;ll give hints on where that is +.+ The first! These days, it’s a place where The Coolest bars are at!! UV went to Itaewon, but this is the place where The Coolest G-Dragon and Big Star-nim went to have an affair~?!?

Tags: There, in that place, try to find Manager Park’s MP3! ^.^

T/N: If I’m not mistaken, G-Dragon and Mr. Big Star, Myung-Soo, went to a festival with Bommie to perform “I have an affair” right? ^_^



Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara