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Rumor/Photo: 2NE1 to Appear on U.S. Reality TV Show “The Bachelor”?


According to the news, 2NE1’s Mini Concert in Seoul is also a film shooting for an ABC TV Show in the U.S.  “The Bachelor” is an ABC TV Show. ^^

Earlier today, 2NE1 had a Mini Concert at Yeongdeungpo Times Square which left a lot of fans puzzled. First and foremost, the announcement to hold a Mini Concert was so sudden. I think the schedule was announced only 3 days before the event itself.  Second, when Blackjacks gathered together at the venue, they noticed that the place was filled with American staff not to mention the fact that YGE’s me2day announced that the Mini Concert was for an American Broadcast.

Moreover, as the girls performed, their Korean back-up dancers were replaced by American back-up dancers during “I Am The Best” and “UGLY”.  A fan was able to take a photo with the “dancers”:


Apparently, the American male you see in the photo is the newest lead of hit U.S. reality TV Show “The Bachelor”, Juan Pablo Galavis. The girls with him are his bachelorettes. They are the cast of the newest season of “The Bachelor.”

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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) “There is a rumor that there’s a 2Nstagram ~”

Oh~ Many are wondering if Dara has finally given in her fans’ requests and opened an Instagram account!


“There’s a rumor that a 2Nstagram has been created~ +.+”


Source: @krungy21

Translated by : @kristinekwak

Twitter: Flag-Waving Ssantokki (@krungy21) – “CL, congrats for getting #1!”

So supportive and loving! T_T Dara, your kindness will surely be rewarded ten-fold! You support the ones you love with no conditions and reservations! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Congratulations CL for winning her very first Inkigayo Mutizen! ^_^


CL, congrats for getting #1!!!!!!! ^.^


Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

Screencap: Inga Willis Gives A Shout Out To Blackjacks on Twitter

OMG! Inga Willis, the musical director and the bassist for 2NE1’s New Evolution Concert, just tweeted this. Is it safe to assume that she was pertaining to another concert or another world tour perhaps? Yes please! T_T


Source: @IngaNandiwillis

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Info/Rumor: Will KESH be working with 2NE1?

A few days ago, KESH tweeted that she has big news and that she will be working with “Korean Superstars” soon. Blackjacks didn’t put too much into it but just an hour ago, she tweeted a photo tagging CL saying, “these will be with you soon!” Is this for 2NE1? Is this for a solo project for CL? As of now, we can only speculate! Here’s hoping that this is for 2NE1’s much awaited comeback!

What do you guys think?

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