A few days ago, KESH tweeted that she has big news and that she will be working with “Korean Superstars” soon. Blackjacks didn’t put too much into it but just an hour ago, she tweeted a photo tagging CL saying, “these will be with you soon!” Is this for 2NE1? Is this for a solo project for CL? As of now, we can only speculate! Here’s hoping that this is for 2NE1’s much awaited comeback!

What do you guys think?

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 9.51.03 AMScreen shot 2013-01-10 at 9.51.33 AM

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 9.52.49 AM

Kesshia “Kesh” Kumari is an English fashion designer, magazine editor, stylist and DJ based in the East End of London and New York.

Source: @___KESH

Comments on: "Info/Rumor: Will KESH be working with 2NE1?" (7)

  1. […] I’m still very curious about the project Kesh might be having with 2NE1, given it actually happens. (Here) […]

  2. cutthelimits said:

    Holly peperonie!! Another epic hit for 2013.. please make it fast!!

  3. i think it’s for 2NE1 and not just CL coz she said Korean Superstars…

  4. OMG 2NE1 please.. cant wait

  5. 2NE1SHABAM said:

    please make this happen TT anything from my babies is LOVE!

  6. It’ll be nice to have a direct link to Twitter accounts 🙂 Thanks for the news, though!

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