OMG FINALLYYYY! ❤ Dara’s ad for Head&Shoulders Thailand is finally out! ❤ We’ve been waiting and sitting on this for quite a while, so we’re so happy to see it’s finally out! ❤ WAAAHHH endorser Dara! So happy! Looking forward to more endorsements and promotions in the future! 

She will be going to Thailand on the 24th for an event and probably for launching as the new brand endorser as well.. ❤




Source: Music MThai

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo/Endorsement: Sandara Park Shines Brightly as Head&Shoulders Thailand’s Newest Brand Ambassador!" (3)

  1. No doubt Dara is beautiful but can admins here please encourage those major Dara only accounts to stop spamming CL & Bom’s instagram tags with Dara pictures? Can’t you guys keep it under Dara tags and 2NE1? Some people just want a daily fix of CL solo or Bom solo pictures because we miss them too

  2. She’s So Beautiful As Always. My Lovely & Adorable @Krungy21>>Hopping For Another One May be In >SG<Too.

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