Oh my gosh, this is gold. Watch all the videos! Seriously, so fun! XD

During the Karaoke part, Dara said, “It’s nice to sing in front of fans again after so long” and awww Dara, we miss singer Dara too! ❤ When they decided to sing 2NE1’s songs, Dara had this certain expression on her face and she said, “I don’t think I can sing without the members” but the fans on the comments section plus Hyoni and Se-young insisted on it.. XD Then Hyoni said, it’ll be like a unit “2NE1 in Jeju – formed today, disbanded tomorrow” kekeke! XD They sang “I Don’t Care” and “Last Farewell” in the first video, and a variety of songs, including Lee jung-Hyun’s “Wa” which Dara owned, in the second video! ^^

Hyoni TV Season 4 with Dara and Se-Young – Playlist


Hyoni TV 4 with Sandara Park and Lee Se-young: Off Road Karting 1 2


Mukbang – Eating Broadcast: Dinner 1 2 3


Karaoke Broadcasting 1 2

Credits: YG K+ V-App


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