Yay! We finally see a picture of Dara and Gummy during the fanmeeting! ❤ Lovely Gummy-unnie so touched with Dara’s unexpected surprise visit! ❤ Awww, YG Family love! ^^


10주년가수 거미님이 보내주신 훈훈한 사진한장~ “10주년 팬미팅에 다라가 몰래 축하해주러 뿅! 하고 나왔을때 너무나 기뻐서 눈물이 나와버렸답니다.와줄줄은 생각도 못했는데 감동이었어요! 다라 넘 고맙고, 축하해준 YG 동생들 모두 사랑해요~햄볶았어요^^”

Tags: 미모가수 두명의 거미 10주년 팬미팅 사진!!! 새로운 거미언니의 헤어스타일 정말 아름다우시지 않나요?

On her 10th anniversary as a singer, Gummy sends a heart-warming photo~ “During my 10th anniversary fanmeeting, Dara came secretly to wish me, ‘Congratulations, ppyong!’ My tears came out because I was so happy. It was such a touching gift that I never expected! Dara, thank you so much, and thank you also to all the YG dongsaengs that congratulated me, I love you all~ Be happy ^^”

Tags: A picture of 2 beautiful singers on Gummy’s 10th anniversary fanmeeting!!! Isn’t Gummy’s new hairstyle beautiful?


Source: YG ON AIR Me2day

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Me2day: “2 Beautiful Singers On Gummy’s 10th Anniversary Fanmeeting” – Pretty Gummy and Dara!" (5)

  1. look at the cheeks of Dara! ❤ yey! finally she's gaining weight!

  2. both of them are so pretty ^^..

  3. GoddessDara said:

    I so love you Dara unnie.. T__T.. I love you too gummy unnie.. ^_____^

  4. aww.. so sweet dara unnie.. and gummy looks pretty.. both of them pretty ^^

  5. theyseemetrollintheyhatin said:

    Love them both! Ahhhh….I wish Dara can do another Gummy MV. She’s perfect for those type of melodramatic MV’s like I’m Sorry. It wouldn’t hurt if she do it with TOP again. Their onscreen chemistry is through the roof.

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