Sandara Park Eyeliner, Dubbed As This Year’s First “Must-Get” Item By WeMakePrice


Social Commerce “WeMakePrice” reviewed their exclusive record sales of the new product from make-up brand, “Clio,” on the 18th, and revealed the results on the 20th.

During the first days in January, Clio marked out sales with 3,000 units sold, as was recorded. During the same time the following month, they were able to sell out more than 5,000 units, breaking the record.

In February, Clio’s new exclusive model, Sandara Park, introduced the new “bloody series.” Being a step ahead in make-up trends, Clio promotes a new trendy color for this spring putting emphasis on their strong sales history in eye make-up, that would surely hit the market.

Clio introduced three new “bloody” color lines to “Gelpresso Waterprof Pencil Gel Liner,” taking a discount of 46% from the base price, selling it at 6,500 won, with 15 different kinds to choose from. The “Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip” product was also a top-seller, sold at 9,500 won, 41% discount from the base price. Two products that beginners can use easily also sold well, “Waterproof Twist Up Brow Mascara” and “Clean Lip and Eye Remover,” which can be bought at 7,900 and 7,200 won respectively.


Source: Nate and WeMakePrice
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Note: This is WeMakePrice’s page for Dara’s new Clio product endorsements => GO GO GO 

And okay, this is just ONE online seller’s sales. I cannot even begin to imagine how much of Dara’s new “bloody” series were sold in other online and offline stores! The endorsing power of Sandara Park! ^^

Comments on: "News: Sandara Park Eyeliner, Dubbed As This Year’s First “Must-Get” Item By WeMakePrice" (5)

  1. i want clio here in the philippines….wahhhh

  2. omg!..etude must be crying a river right now..GLOBAL ENDORSER INDEED!

  3. GoddessDara said:

    Aaaahhhhhh Power of the Goddess!!! ^_____^

  4. true power of a goddess!

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