I really really wish I could find adjectives that would do justice to the glory that is Sandara Park. But I can’t…. So why don’t we let these screencaps do the talking.

ncd_130220002_084436 1681

ncd_130220002_084436 1940

ncd_130220002_084436 0333

ncd_130220002_084436 1225

ncd_130220002_084436 1406

ncd_130220002_084436 1635

ncd_130220002_084436 1931

Sandara Park - SAY MY NAME @ ELLE Korea Photo Shoot! 1583

Comments on: "Screencaps: Stunning Dara for Elle Magazine (BTS) – “Say My Name”" (26)


  2. The beauty of goddess dee! ^_^

  3. Dara is so underrated. She’s so stunning, sweet, kindhearted, talented and so versatile. It’s ironic how, only uber neutral colors were used for the photoshoot and yet she was like breathing thru the pages… kudos to DARA for being more and more amazing, and yet still getting underrated, but still working harder. I really wish a drama or a solo career for her!!!

  4. B-R-E-A-T-H-T-A-K-I-N-G-L-Y

  5. Hope to see Dara in Vogue next!

  6. Gorgeous beyond words. Dara is blooming and become more beautiful as she age. I’m sure the fan boys are more in love with her right now. Kudos to Elle Magazine for doing a superb shoot. I’m sure the magazine will be sold out.

  7. GoddessDara said:

    SANDARA PARK!!!! I’m speechless!! TT__TT <333

  8. Say my Name… Oh my Gosh, its SANDARA PARK!!!

  9. waaaa…SANDARA PARK!!!! gorgeous!! thanks admin ^^.. woaaah..first we can see dara Clio video now..Elle video..waaaa


  11. d fucks i give said:

    seems like every second of the shot is worthy to be a cover. so fucking gorgeous so jealous of her.

  12. “SAY MY NAME” it screams SANDARA PARK!

  13. GORGEOUS IN EVERY WAY AND ANGLE… KKKKYYYAAAA, Dara is truly one pretty woman.. Love love what ELLE did to her THEY HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB TO MAKE DARA even more BEAUTIFUL… Cannot wait for the officially pics to come out.. Thank you OH-dara for the screencaps…

  14. strawberryPam said:

    her face is so innocent , i envy and love every bits of her at the same time. with that goddess like face, even if she wears garbage bag she’ll still look soo beautiful.

  15. fangirl-ahjumma said:

    really really BEAUTIFUL.. homaygad! Clio is so lucky to have her as an endorser!! I like the ones where she is sitting on the floor the most.. like a grownup but with a childlike heart.^^ dara, i hope you’ll have kdrama after your new album when 4 members are up for solo activities!!! Dara fighting!!!

    (i think the elle site earlier couldnt handle the surge of viewers, it freezes earlier though my net con is kinda fast and i dont have prob w/ youtube. dara power is jjang!!!)

    thank you OD admins for these wonderful caps!!!

  16. Gorgeous! Dara is so beautiful

  17. Every screen shot is worthy enough to be a picture cover in a magazine!!!!!

  18. beyond perfection, i love everything about it … i still watching the photoshoot vid for the nth time & still bewitched by her gorgeousness …. wahhhh love you Dara …. words are not enough to describe you ..

  19. So pretty.. No more than pretty. gorgeous, goddess~!! Dara + white dress = OTP

  20. when she greeted her fans to a happy new year she was doing a photoshot for elle. ethereal goddess!

  21. Oh my! She is so gorgeous. She looks like a real Goddess w/ her hair & dress. I’m kinda jealous….huhuhu….I think when God spread beauty, Dara soaked it all up. But anyways, since I love her I’m okay w/ it. Hahaha!!!!

  22. true no words can describe her beauty inside and out you will loose of words to define her personality, simplicity is her true beauty

  23. xoxojulietx said:

    U cant either but dara is PERFECTION

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