Can I just flail around and die OMG Dara, wae are you so pretty my bb girl! <333 Her hair OMG~! Haaaiiii! I miss you, long curly hair! <333 And her neon beanie! LOLs! Ever the daring fashionista! <333 

#2NE1ACTIVE At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity! Picture from last night after rehearsal! So amazing that the sun is still up at 9pm! The festival will begin at 5:30 p.m. (Cannes time), and 2NE1 will be making presentations at the festival, representing k-pop to the rest of the world ^^ Very excited to finally get to meet our French fans, and we certainly can’t wait!!! See you soon! – Reporter Dara


Source: GlobalBlackjack on Twitter

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo: Dara Reporter Tweets A Gorgeous After-Rehearsal Picture In Cannes!" (26)

  1. Reblogged this on edherei.

  2. qksilver said:

    Gaaaah! That long sekshi hairrrr! Lemme join the flailing party!!! *rollsthenflails*

  3. super excited! they might have a performance in France based from this update….and with that hair on her OMFG!!! *DIES*

  4. yourdbes said:

    why do i think that’ll be her promotional hair style next? Didn’t she hint that 2ne1 will become ‘sexy’ image this time?… Now thats…. Gonna be wow! ~

  5. sweepberry said:

    Flails* and Flails again~! OMG! How can you be so pretty and Younger by a minute Dara yah? ~ Please let her hair like that she looks like an angel Aigoo~!

  6. i just hope that this will be her hair style when they made their comeback…please oh please!..^^,.

  7. Love her curly hairstyle so much, so girlish and pretty! Nice outfit, looks so cool!

  8. Oh I love her hair! Let me join you in flailing! Flail! Flail! Flail!

  9. soooo beautiful…
    hpe she wil hve dis kind of hairstyle on their cmebck….
    gudlck on d perfrmnce…hpe thy wil recve an amazng cheer frm d audience…
    dara fghtng..hpe 2 see u in a drama series soooon….w/ jaejoong.:-)

  10. how pretty can she get??? OMG! DARA! you’re drivin’ me crayjiiii

  11. faith19 said:

    OH MY GAHD!!!!!!!!!
    why am i so excited?!!!lolz!!!

  12. waah!! longest hair dara ever had!! i love it!! dara so pretty! wish they will upload the whole event^^

  13. egliukas said:

    Her hair !!>,< i love it!

  14. her bag looks full and heavy!!

  15. there will be a performance too? I thought they will just make their speech

  16. her hair!!!!!!!!! OMG I wonder if they will have a sexy girly fierce concept this comeback Her hair I LIKE IT

  17. They’re going to perform too?? I thought they will only make their speech

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