Sandara Park, Starred In Movies Eight Years Ago, “Ageless Beauty Looks The Same” Movies To Be Shown In Korea

Fans would be able to see girl group 2NE1 member, Sandara Park‘s acting prowess in movies that she made eight years ago.

Sandara Park‘s movies “Because Of You (2004),” “Can This Be Love (2005),” and “The Lucky Ones (2006)” would be released in local theaters through Home Choice and SK Broadband, this coming June 27th.

Before Sandara Park debuted in 2NE1 in Korea, she was a highly popular idol in the Philippines. During that time, Sandara Park starred in several popular romantic-comedy films.

In the movies, one can see that Sandara Park emits a different kind of charm as an actress. She radiates an innocent and wide-eyed look in the movies, which is different from her fierce image in 2NE1 right now. Although the movies were shot six to eight years ago, Sandara Park’s ageless beauty and fresh charm is still very apparent. A youthful Sandara Park can be seen acting out characters in films that are inspired by first loves.

The movies, “Because Of You” and “Can This Be Love” tells stories about first loves, and contains a kissing scene. Sandara Park’s fresh acting is already being expected by the fans in Korea who are looking forward to seeing her movies.

Sandara Park debuted in Korean households through a KBS documentary in 2005, showing the hardships that she endured while she was an idol in the Philippines. News of a Korean making it big as a celebrity in a foreign country became a big surprise to fans.

Netizens who saw still cuts from Sandara Park’s movies eight years ago commented with, “Your good looks are the same,” ” I can’t wait to see her movies!” “Expecting it a lot already” “Who is this guy kissing Sandara Park?” “There’s a kissing scene?! Daebak” “Sandara looks younger now than from eight years ago. Must be the make up,” “Looking forward a lot to see Dara’s acting!” “I hope to see her in a Korean movie in the future!” “Excited for her movies!” “It’s really amazing to think that no matter how I know that this picture was taken 8 years ago, she still looks the same,” “Why are her movies suddenly being released in Korea?” “Sandara Park naturally looks beautiful,” “When will fans see her star in a Korean movie?” showing various reactions, making it a hot topic.



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Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "News: Sandara Park, Starred In Movies Eight Years Ago, “Ageless Beauty Looks The Same” Movies To Be Shown In Korea" (23)

  1. spilldbeans said:

    made me wanna to watch her old videos — like this one

  2. I’ve watched all of her movies. She wasn’t that good of an actress back then but people adore her. Maybe this is a sign that she’ll be having a drama or a movie in Korea soon! I hope so!

  3. Reblogged this on edherei.

  4. lovelove said:

    omg plzzzzzzzzzzzz let dara have a drama plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz papa yg i want to wach so bad

  5. This makes me want to watch her movie again.. XD
    I’ve watch it once in the Philippines I’m not a fan of her before coz her acting is so awkward.. Lol but I do like her dorkyness
    I hope this will get a high response from korean viewers

  6. “Why are her movies suddenly being released in Korea?” ——>> may be it’s sign from YG for DARAma ? hahahahahah 😀

  7. jessicamongz said:

    what about super noypi ? lol . hope the movie receive a positive feedback from korean viewers

  8. WHY SO SUDDEN?? OMG!!! >,< I hope YG allow her in drama or movie this year..

  9. sweepberry said:

    Seeing this article makes me grave to watch it over and over again! keke its definitely a MUST SEE MOVIES!! XD

  10. mybabysav47 said:

    hehehe! I love her movies!!!its really funny!especially the because of you and can this be love..hope it will be a box office in korea too.hehehe!!

  11. yourdbes said:

    exactly netizen… Why is her films suddenly being shown in korea? Will she finally pursue acting?

  12. OMG…. plzzz YG plzz let dara act in a korean drama and movie!!!

  13. so excited! hope Koreans will love and enjoy the movie. Dara movie and Drama in Korea plsss!!!!

  14. sweepberry said:

    Daralings are so Proud of you~! Dara!! XD
    A go go go~! Spread more Dara Effect!! keke

  15. OMG!..please keep us posted Oh Dara Admins about this..i know you do..kekeke..although i have already seen Dara’s movies still i can’t wait for the outcome of this..AJA Dara unnie! fighting!..

  16. Feel excited to this news, I hope Dara can act a movie or tv programme in the future!

  17. …oh my it wil be shwn in korean cinemas..OMG..
    i’ve seen all d 3 movies in cinema hir d phil…coz im already a dara fan since her stint hir in d phil…
    gudlck…all d best..
    hopng n prayng it wil hve a great respnse frm korean audience…prayng it wil hve a great.high box office gross:-)

    • sweepberry said:

      I bet its no wonder if its a box office hit, like just her endorsements its skyrocketing XD
      Hope it will, and I’m expecting it! :3

  18. rily hopng n prayng 2 C Dara in a drama series..pls yg mke it hapen.
    and i pray it wil be w/ JYJ Jaejoong..
    kiping d wil hapen sooooon:-)

  19. thanks for the trans!!! woah! could this be a sign of Dara in a movie or drama soon??? please Papa YG!!! ^_^

  20. egliukas said:

    Yeah !! when will i see Dara in a korean movie or drama>,<

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