OMG T_T I was so excited for their comeback,  but YG had to postpone it. T_T But let’s think of it this way: More preparations mean a better and bigger comeback! ^^ Let’s patiently wait for the girls as I’m sure they are excited as we are! ^_^

2NE1 to delay their comeback to mid-July due to album production

2NE1 is delaying their comeback as well as the release of their new album.

A representative of YG Entertainment stated on the 12th KST, “There were plans to release 2NE1′s new album within this month. However, because there were so many good songs and [because they are putting their hearts and souls into this album], the release period has been delayed.”

The representative went on, “Currently, 2NE1 is planned to return to the music world with their new album in mid-July. As the 2NE1 members are absorbed in album preparations these days, it’ll be appreciated if you take a lot of interest in [the upcoming album],” making it clear that the group was delaying their comeback due to album production and not to avoid competition with other groups.

2NE1′s comeback in June was recently voted as the most anticipated comeback by netizens. Though their comeback has been delayed, the members have expressed that they won’t let their fans down when it comes to their upcoming promotions.

This July will mark one year since 2NE1 has released a new album. Their solo concert in July is reported to go on as planned.


Source: allkpop
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Comments on: "News: 2NE1 to delay their comeback to mid-July due to album production" (7)

  1. oh my oh my..
    wrth d wait…
    its dara n 2ne1..
    july is ful of cmebck..also 1 of dem i thnk is t-ara..but but but hping n prayng 2ne1 wil emrgd rghtfuly so.
    daradaradara2ne1 fight:-)

  2. being a YG Family fan, prepares you for this kind of announcements, LOL!
    We can wait Baby Girl!! 🙂
    Best of Luck!! I hope to hear a new solo song! kekeke

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  4. i kinda expected this delay..before the announcement was made, i was wondering and was trying to figure out how the girls are going to squeeze in their June schedule their comeback since it is already jam-packed. lolz. France on the 18th then Japan on the 23rd, 27th and 28th.

    2ne1 is always worth the wait.
    we have waited for a year for their comeback
    what is 3-4 more weeks of waiting.

    for sure it will be more gratifying for us once they make their comeback
    with the BEST SONGS and PERFORMANCES and MVs

    YEY! more anticipation!higher expectations!

    2ne1 will not fail us.

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