Never gets old. My gorgeous angel-goddess Dara for Nikon 1.. ❤ Finally an HD photo of this print ad.. ❤


Source: WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo: HQ Pic Of Pretty Dara For Nikon 1 J1" (12)

  1. Luv this pic so much<3333 Thanks nikon!!!
    Angel Goddess Dee<3333She should keep this look ALL THE TIME…sooo pretty!!!!

  2. kissyvee said:

    YAY!! HQ Picture of Angel Goddess D! ^^
    Thanks belle! ^^

  3. AHUHU I miss Dara and the girls so badly and then I read from a news article that their Korean comeback would be postponed to July :(((((((((((

  4. i love this picture! body shape looks so sexy ~

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  6. im so happy to say i have that camera!! i actually got something that Dara endorsed, even though here in america its ashton kutcher, but whatever one of the reason i got it was cause of our beautiful DARA:)))

    • is it good? Is the res good? I’m trying to buy a better cam and Nikon is what I’m aiming for bec of Dara and ofcourse if the pic quality is good

      • to tell you the truth the pics ive taken are pretty good, but like sometimes its weird cause it like blurry or whatever, my mom wanted me to return it and get another one but i told her i couldn’t and my sister was like she only wants it cause of her Korean idol or whatever hahaha!! over all its good!!! i mean its a beautiful camera and i love it so much:) u totally should get one!

        • and also i probably just need to adjust it or something which i dont know how and im freakin lazy too even look at the intructions hehe!!

        • You are awesome! Keke! I think there are some websites online that can help you with adjustments and give you tips on how to use your camera. 🙂 Fighting, fighting! Tell us how it goes. ^^

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