2NE1, First Korean Girl Group To Hold World Tour, “Seven Countries, Ten Cities”

Girl group 2NE1 would be the first Korean girl group that would be having a world tour called “New Evolution.” Having already succesfully brought in 70,000 fans during their concert tour in Japan, the interest is already piling up for this world tour.

On the 13th, YG Entertainment said, “Following 2NE1’s concert on the 28th and 29th next month, at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in Korea, the group is planning to hold a world tour concert and perform in countries such as the United States and Europe, in a total of 10 cities in 7 different countries,” they revealed.

Ever since their debut in 2009, every song that they release become a hot topic to music fans. Last year, 2NE1 became more world-reknowned as they were named MTV IGGY’s “Best New Band In The World,” while France named them as the “Girl Group That Hallyu Fans Like The Most.”

When they started their first solo concert in Korea last year, 2NE1 epitomized “NOLZA” as they showcased their charismatic and powerful stages as the audience sang along to each of their performances, making it a massive success. This continued as they went on a concert tour in Japan, bringing in 70,000 people, marking it as a successful concert tour.

2NE1‘s world tour would be handled by Live Nation, the same company which will also handle labelmate Big Bang‘s world tour. The staff and world-wide network of the company are expected to work closely with 2NE1 for their first world tour.

An official from YG Entertainment said, “2NE1’s world tour would show how their skills on more elaborate and evolved stages, all members would be able to showcase their skills through their performances,” he said, “Each and every one of the staff who will be working together with the group has already worked with international pop stars. We will be announcing our future plans as well,” he revealed.

In addition, he says, “Right now, 2NE1’s world tour is planned to be held in 10 cities of 7 different countries, but there is a high possibility that more concerts would be held in more locations, if local officials in the countries request for it,” he said, showing the massive popularity of 2NE1 in the international market.

2NE1‘s first stop of their world tour “New Evolution” would be in our very own Seoul Olympics Gymnastics Stadium, on July 28 and 29.



Sources: Nate 1 and 2
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "News: 2NE1, First Korean Girl Group To Hold World Tour, “Seven Countries, Ten Cities”" (22)

  1. I’m hoping they’ll come to Australia. My budget will be $500 and if the tickets cost more than that (but I don’t think it will), I’m still willing to spend above $500 just to see my goddess D unnie 🙂
    And if they’ll stop at Phils, I hope the concert is around Dec or Jan since I’ll be going back around that time. I’m already sad enough that I couldn’t make it to BIGBANG’s concert >_<

    2NE1 ❤

  2. oh my god!!!i wish philippines is included. i gotta save some money now i dont want to miss again their concert

  3. mybabysav47 said:

    thats why they delayed their comeback..comeback and world tour and u.s.a debut..?gawd..they’re super bz.!!2ne1 girls figthing!!!

  4. oh my they are very busy.. geez.. 2NE1 is indeed pride of korea.. WOW!

  5. Australia said:

    Please come down under to to SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA!!

  6. Wow, YGE’s pretty busy! I’d love to see them perform live…if only I could afford to go! Gahd, if I go to Big Bang’s concert I won’t be able to go to 2NE1’s! TT.TT

  7. I hope they’d come to UAE Dubai someday!!! Srsly there’s a lot of Arab fans waiting for them! So proud by the way, my girls aren’t the best for nothing! Heck yeah! I love the title of the tour! I wish I had the time to go to LA, I maybe skip school if I decided to go! Anyway, 2NE1 FTW

  8. of course Philippines is one of the 7 countries..

  9. Reblogged this on edherei.

  10. Pleaseeeeee come to Canada >w< (Calgary, Alberta) \^w^/

  11. Please come here in the Philippines!!!!please!please!please!!!!!!oh my gahd!

  12. 2ne1 please come to Canada

  13. Philippines is one of the strength of 2ne1 so I’m sure they will visit 🙂

  14. Daffodil said:

    Im pretty sure Philippines will be in the list. Give me the dates so that I can book my ticket now. I missed them the last they perform in the Phil, this time I’ll make sure I will be there.. Waaaaah!!!! Im spazzing right now..

  15. I’m going to save money now.. I’m expecting Philippines to be in the list..hahaha

  16. quiero que vengan a peru


  18. petitedara said:

    OMG, the concert is handled by LIVE NATION? it’s gonna be freakin’ dope!

  19. Another one here hoping one of those stops is the Philippines. 🙂

  20. dellila27 said:

    omg! I hope they come to the phil…^^

  21. OH! I Hope they come back here in the Philippines! Maybe next year after Bigbang? 🙂

  22. Wow!amazing.!hope they’ll come again 2 d phil..

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