Yay! Me and BlackjackBelle have been rooting for this track to win so bad! And it did! I wonder in what direction Teddy is going to take this! Either way, we bet its going to be awesome! Did you guys root for this track too?

To remind everyone, this is Track #2:

Source: Intel Korea Facebook Page

Comments on: "Info: Track #2 Wins First Round of Intel Korea’s “Make Thumb Noise” Project" (5)

  1. 2NE1 HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bluestripe said:

    i was rooting for number 3, it was upbeat, playful and catchy and i was sort of choosing it coz its for a cf song for a product that leans towards such. but setting all those aside… i’m just d*ng happy and excited to hear something from 2ne1!! i know i’m not the only 1… it feels like centuries have passed, i miss the girls… praying for 2ne1tv and a new album

    — a deprived blackjack ^___^

  3. Yay! It’s my fave too ^.^ it has that dramatic yet powerful feel similar to Go Away, It hurts & Lonely plus the vid used will make any BJ feel nostalgic & proud. I seriously got teary eyed while watching this. Ahh! I miss the girls so much I’m anticipating this song as if this is their next single.

  4. Yup, my fav of the 3! And then 3, 1.

  5. egliukas said:

    whatever song will be chosen i just hope that Dara will get to sing equal part as other members >,< i love her voice !!

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