How cute is Seungri? Awwwww! Panda is winning me over so much lately because of his interactions towards Dara! Seriously, I have been loving Panda more and more! I love how he is so attentive towards Dara’s needs. Another cute PanDara moment!

@partnervi [자상한 승리아카데미 원장님] 1. 유일한 수강생 산다라에게 다정하게 인사 2. 가방이 무거워 보였는지 3. 들어줄까? 물어보는 중… 여수 공항에서 있었던 일❤ #자상한 남자 #승리 #산다라 #승리파트너

[The Attentive Seungri Academy CEO] 1. Warmly greeted his one and only student Sandara 2. Her bag must’ve looked heavy 3. In the middle of asking “Do you want me to carry that?” occurence at the Yoesu Airport ❤ #attentive man #seungri #sandara #seungri partner 

Note: Seungri Partner (@partnervi) is one of Seungri’s fanclubs in Korea.

Source: @partnervi
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Comments on: "Photos: Seungri Academy CEO is Attentive Towards His Dara-Noona" (41)

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  20. I don’t know what happened with him but.. he’s sooo hot right now 😀

  21. cheneechee said:

    Seungri is sweeter than Thunder LOL

  22. OHMAIGOD!!! PANDARA!!!! Seungri is so sweet to his fave noona! <333

  23. Pandara fighting!!! I think Dara has a special place in Pandas heart.

  24. i think he’s free to interact with her comfortably in public coz he’s younger than thunder. if it were the other bb guys, it could cause mr yg some sleepless nights : )

  25. lol it made me think if im shipping the wrong boat HAHA… oh well i love how attentive the maknae is to his noona =D so sweet

  26. I love watching them interact! So sweet and comfortable!

  27. unnie, you’re not alone!! there’s a reason why seungri will forever be my bias in BigBang!! OMG!! both of my bias are thoughtful and cute.. <333 happy fangirl is happy!!^____^

  28. oh my gosh!!
    it’s Seungri that’s ____________.

  29. I’m loving him more and more.. he really cares for our goddess!!

  30. I’m loving PanDara moments.

  31. hehehehe Seungri is gentleman so cute couple….

  32. JivsPArk21 said:

    uhmmMMM i smell something SWEET!!!!!

  33. ily4everbang said:

    Yeah! PANDARA all the way. Love these two.

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