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Check out more adorable photos of Park Siblings after the cut! 🙂

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Comments on: "Photos: Park Siblings Greet Us A Happy Lunar New Year" (46)

  1. Gosh! The resemblance! They are both sooo good looking! 8D

  2. So Cute!!!!

    i want Doorami to be with them in that photos!! lol! (^_^)

  3. Aww. Park siblings is LOVE.
    Thunder is getting hotter and taller. I hope they both get offers for commercials, that would be awesome. Dara is the sweetest noona ever! I can’t stop looking at those pictures especially when Thunder holds Dara, it looks likes he is a protective younger brother. Boys should be careful not to hurt her noona, that tall and handsome boy can kick ass. 😀

  4. dara4ever said:

    Awwww…they are so cl0se…and they l0ve each 0ther so much!

  5. they look super cute!
    Love how close Park siblings are w/ each other, I’m glad that get to do this together! Wishing them happiness and good fortune this coming Lunar New Year!!

  6. Awwww love all these picture.<

  7. nyc_emj15 said:

    this park siblings were amazing!!! good looks and attitude!!! look at dara’s figure she’s so sexy even in jeans i don’t think the BUTT PAD story is true she really have the S figure!!!

  8. hotpinkmallows said:

    love love love the interview.. park siblings jjang! <333
    D, bbdoongie and park fam have a prosperous,healthy,peaceful and happy year of the tokki!!!

  9. OMO, Sanghyun so protective to his noona!

  10. awww! so adorable!!!!!!!! ❤ i can't stop looking at these pics. perfection 🙂

  11. Aww:D These pictures are L-O-V-E!!♥ Too ADORABLE!:))
    It looks like thunder is the older one right? protective of her noona. Sweet!:) He looks so manly on the 3rd picture on the 4th row! Dara unnie’s red hanbok fits her white skin so well.:)
    They both look so good! Pretty and handsome. Aigoo, they really got good genes in their family huh? I bet fanboys and fangirls are so jealous now. Haha!:P

    I super love these pictures!:))

  12. superstar79 said:

    eye candiesssssss!!!! hope they do a magazine photoshoot together. thunder’s physique is soooo model like.

  13. Meishiiiiii♥ said:


  14. Dara reminds me of Princess Hours.

    Now I really want her to start a DRAMA!

  15. starappler said:

    Dara and Thunder looks so good in Hanbok! Very superior genes indeed. 🙂

  16. i can’t stop my eyes staring at them lol….

  17. pinkprincez_mya said:

    i can see how protective thunder can be on her noona…hehe so sweet, park siblings love!!!!

  18. they so cute!! its been my wish to watch them taken pic together!!! so, dear god..tq so much..

  19. lovely siblings… i love them both… ❤

  20. I love the pictures of the Park siblings! Finally, they were able to have a photoshoot with just the two of them. They both remind me of those Korean Manhwa characters he-he…the only thing missing is a leading guy for Dara. Goddess D & Cheondung fighting!!! ^_^

  21. Park siblings so cute! and yes
    KUNG HEI FAT CHOI Everyone!!!

  22. TWINS???? ❤

  23. such adorable siblings 🙂

  24. wow! this is so cute~
    Park Siblings are the cutest.
    i hope Durami is there too. 🙂

  25. how could these siblings be so gorgeous? Park siblings are really the best… it’s nice to see them so close…

    i wonder how would my relationship with my younger brother if he was still alive… i hope we would be as close as dara and thunder…

  26. issahgannee said:

    i wish durami was in the pix too..

  27. cristina0422 said:

    I ship Park Siblings! kekeke. Superior Genes! Mommy Kim please adopt me. Your children are so gorgeous!

  28. doongie’s arms over his noona…at 17th pic!
    doongie’s shoulders…are so broad…ke ke ke….

  29. Dara and Thunder..lovely siblings! sure your parents are so proud of you both..goodluck to both of you in your chosen career..(“,)

  30. issahgannee said:


  31. lucky thunder for having the best sister in the whole world!!! they look soooo fine. i swear, thunder gets handsomer every day. wish to see him in a drama too!

  32. mathel828 said:

    Their Mom is probably so proud of them. Nice to see grown-up siblings this close, quite rare. Both beautiful in or out…

  33. adorable.cute.lovely.touching.heartwarming…envying. i love’em both loads. these pictures give me so much happiness. yay for family love

  34. khwaii 🙂

  35. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Aiane 아얀, Bae Chan Chul and fane713, Oh Dara!. Oh Dara! said: Photo: Park Siblings, Greet Us A Happy Lunar New Year […]

  36. so cuteeeeeeeeee….

  37. yay!! park siblings!! ^__^

  38. The best pictures of Dara and Thunder! Sibling love! Cuteness!

  39. wow, superior genes!
    cute sibling! they are so adorable

  40. most amazing siblings

  41. the super park siblings ^^

  42. yahhh.. cute park siblings

  43. so cute!!! @0@

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