Me2day: Band Practice


We’re practicing for the YG Concert now… First night of band practice..^.^ Ah! (Translations by:


cr: mnzj@yt

캬… 콘서트는 역쉬 라이브지!!! 방송무대와는 또 다르게! 라이브 밴드와 함께하는 무대~!!! 궁금하죠 궁금하죠 궁금하죠~?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! 조금만 둘려줄게요!!! 아주 조금만! ^.^

Kya… Live concert!!! It’s going to be different on stage! A live band will be performing with us~!!! Anxious, anxious anxious~?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! It’ll get better!!! A little better!^.^ (Translations by:


cr: mnzj@yt

아름다운 밤입니다!!!^_^ 신나게~! 마무리하고 지금은 열심히 안무연습중!!! 새로운 모습 보야주기 위해서 다들 특별무대 준비하고있지요! 누가 누구와? 어떤 노래를? 어떡게?! 부를지..ㅋㅋ 너무 궁금한데용! 연습모습은 꽁작가의 깨알같은밤~에서 공개됩니다!굿밤!^.^

It’s a beautiful night!!!^_^ I’m delighted~! Just finishing choreography practice!!! Practicing in order to perfect our new steps for the stage! Who with? Which song? How? Calling..ㅋㅋ Really anxious! Will release more~ later! Good night!^.^ (Translations by:


source: dara’s me2day


Thanks to pinkyasumi 🙂



Comments on: "Me2day: Band Practice" (7)

  1. wow!!:D this sounds so cool and great! YG family concert is getting more and more interesting!! can’t wait to watch it! kyaa!!!:)

  2. i wish a collab with BigBang.. *SIGH*
    and i hope they’ll all perform right now that would be EPIC.

  3. Dara is so sweet updating us regarding the YG family concert, that’s cool that they will be performing with a live band. ^_^

  4. wow….she’s really teasing us

  5. dara 2nd update in his me2day…

  6. We’re practicing for the YG Concert now… First night of band practice..^.^ Ah! -translated by aa-chan-

  7. blueprincess824 said:

    wow.. are they going to perform with live band in YG Family concert???

    if then then its going to be dam epic =D i want instrumental version of It hurts please XD with orchestra =D

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