source: minji’s me2day

hello! minji’s awesome night! today i was late too sorry TT TT recently we’ve (2ne1) been practicing for fam concert! today we had band practice! first dara’s excitement before band practice! (Translated by: winggers@DGH)

source: minji’s me2day

third- dara pouting for preparation to sing! (Translated by: winggers@DGH)

source: minji’s me2day

fourth-now lets practice properly! ah ah ah- mic testing! (Translated by: winggers@DGH)

Comments on: "Me2day: Minkki Updates with Dara Pics" (5)

  1. minzy-ah really likes making dara unnie her subject with her photos huh?? keke. i must’s really hard to resist unnie’s charm!:) she’s so cute with the second picture!! and also with the first..oh i think we the third too. argh! basically just any photo! she always looks cute! keke:P

  2. Awwww, maknae is LOVE! Thank you minkki for the updates! But our kid leadah is always hiding lately!

  3. Ooohhh… I wonder why goddess Dee is so excited practicing for teh YG fam con??? Hmmmmmm.. :))

  4. wildlifeshine said:

    CL is hiding! LOL!
    I really love dara’s personality, shes cool/wacky girl kkk

  5. imjustacuriouskittycat said:

    Gorgeous/Sweet/Amazing Dara. Gosh, we should thank Minji big time for curing our Dara thirst. Hope she does this everyday hahaha. Thanks maknae you are so cool. Love you and Dara of course.

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